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On risk survey

Concerning the lack of reaction of Rouen Cour d’appel of Tribunal de Grande Instance and the lack of reactions of journalists, the lack of reaction of embassies it is necessary to mention that location is in a no law area at Montivilliers.

The no law area in France could be mentioned as a right to proceed to illegal activities.

I shall also mentioned the danger which comes from fascists, from prostitution, from political deciders dismiss, from intelligence service of dictactorship …

The risk of is military, political, economical, psychiatric, that could end with neurological damage in psychiatric hospital for example.

Therefore I shall mentionned that initial target was business and that position show that danger of France business is high.

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A message to gay network

Dear reader,

This message is a subject that shall be mentioned. I need to say that I listened to FG dj radio around 1995 for rave parties infoline, and when I lived in Paris around 2005 I still listened to FG dj radio for its good vibes.

But today I shall say that I have seen criminality amongst gay people in the french press that change my view of the gay community. The good vibes of the french touch are endangered by sado masochist gay network that comes from fascist network.

I shall also conclude that I am heterosexual, just not gay and therefore you will be very smart just not to marry me. I hope to still consider you as a friendly network.




Military sect methodology at Montivilliers company is located at Montivilliers, Normandy, France since 2007. report the conjunction of psychiatric risk, sectarian risk and military risk coming from Olivier Avenel education and professional experience in defence industry and in merchant navy. project of decision system is an application of upper military school training software for tactical staff.

The report of on sectarian risk at Montivilliers shows the presence of extreme right sect networks with merchant navy located at the Le Havre place. report also the presence of DRM sects network as well as a probably association of DGSI sects network coming from defence industry. Extreme right female milice networks are also reported.

We should be reassure of the place security but this is not fully the case coming from political debate amongst security ranks, notably concerning Benoit XVI dismiss and Jean Marie Lepen dismiss as well as DSK, Manuel Valls and François Hollande dismiss.

The testimonial of Montivilliers sects activity has been sent to Rouen Tribunal de Grande Instance.

For more info on the sectarian risk at Montivilliers you can contact or

On is an open source company with consulting activities. The open source projects of are a Debian flavour of operating system and, a decision system project working on french press analytics.

Despite working since several years, has not yet earned any financial turnover due to ghost political staff collaboration at Montivilliers. is also developping others activities in the field of artistic work, as paintings and dj activities of electronic music.

Financial turnover is foreseen as the 9/02/2018 coming from french governmental agencies or ghost political staff without for the moment any official reactions to the source sûre and Rouen cour d’appel testimonial.

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Whistleblowing with source sure media portal(2)

Since few weeks we send the files of testimonial we sent first to cour d’appel de Rouen, tribunal de grande instance to the Source sûre Media Portal. We notice no reaction neither from police, neither from journalists.

Inside my mother’s house where I live at Montivilliers near Le Havre, I experiment 24h/24 and 7d/7 the promiscuous of hypnotizers with telepathic effect. Concerning the concrete facts, I hear voice report from military agencies working with my knowledge and my softwares from my company. I have also energy transfert, meaning this is not just telepathy but also telekinesis with object teleportation. Concerning the House there is regular energetic sample of my body and my brain that is transfert into the surrounding streets and into other body with assumption of medical trafic. The effect is a blast in my desk and also gaz transfert with drugs. You guess it I live with telepathic vampires in my mother house and my mother don’t know it.

There is continuous watch of my devices (laptop, mobile, servers) with vnc kind of monitoring as well as a probably established intelligence watch on Twitter, Google and Instagram with interaction from users and software administration (twitter, google).

I had also times to times medical care during the night at home.

It is also necessary to precise that the medical care follow me when I travel.

Today I have no revenue except a pension for handicap for schizophrenia I negotiate with psychiatrists.


Whistleblowing with source sûre Media Portal

Dear reader,

I apologize before for this post but it is necessary to write it. First we need to mention is pro business and therefore not necessary in a rebel state of mind.

To explain the problem we need to say works on Internet French press archiving and analytics with the project. As we found unusual quantity of crimes in the french press articles database, as project founder Olivier Avenel is involved in schizophrenia kind of recruitment process in the fields of political communications since 2009 coming from french military education we found usefull to contact the source sure media news portal that is connected with main french media agencies to inform them of and project position.

Today we have acknowledgement from the portal that the files we upload at source sûre are viewed by media agencies. There is no concrete reaction despite we mention the presence of war crimes and crimes against humanity on the France territory and particularly in the Le Havre area recorded by the analytics and by Olivier Avenel position.

Today the contact with source sûre is a way point of project toward financial fundings and earning.

We need also to precise that schizophrenia sociology is described in the testimonial sent to source sure and that schizophrenia sociology involved awareness of nazi war crimes and crimes against humanity and particularly of mutant phenomenon of telepathy.

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OA Paintings, sociological and geometrical paintings activity of paintings is named OA Paintings. The paintings are geometrical and symbolic. They describe a social sciences concept or an artificial intelligence concept. Sometimes it describes a collective intelligence, sometimes it describes a mind phenomenon which should be evoked by the paintings.

The paintings are associated with electronic music and the inspiration comes from psychedelic concepts that have been theorized and examined under the lights of sciences.

The previous main subjects of OA Paintings were the media tactics we could see on Internet and more generally sociological concept of the birth of Internet around the years 2000-2005.

Political sociology is also interested, sometimes dealing about nation’s building concept that are missing on the France political scenes.

The web site of OA Paintings is

There is also a Facebook page and a Twitter page. Strategic analysis and political communications analysis reports strategic analysis and political communications begin around 2009, working on the image in the press of french ministers and president during the Nicolas Sarkozy mandate. The analysis of in the field of economics, arts, philosophy have been sollicited by a military collaboration. From the political communications and strategic analysis came the decision system project. analysis were used for french economical crisis, for Lybia military intervention and for Syria military intervention between 2009 and 2012.

The effect of political communications could be seen on Internet press articles, on french scientific publications, on library shelves. It could also be seen on hardware technology shelves of Le Havre area and some internet shops.

Today and since 2009 it is important to say that the collaboration was not paid, and we tried to reach DGSI and finally Rouen and Nanterre High court.

It is also important to say that produced analysis that were used during electoral campaign 2012 and that were re-used during electoral campaign 2017.

For political communications and strategic analysis you can contact me at or on social networks at lab is an open source engineering company, in other words this is a laboratory that work on Information technology. The fields of work of are the strategic analysis and the political communications.’s main projects are decision system and Cooperation-iws operating system. These two systems of software are backed by social sciences research which should have been validated by Phd. This is not the case today but this is backed by the education of Olivier Avenel with two master degrees.

  1. is an Internet press archiver and analyser
  2. Cooperation-iws operating system is a Linux Intranet Nomad Server project.

The social sciences research of Cooperation-iws are carried in the fields of medias and political sociology and also in the fields of schizophrenia sociology. It produces two other activities of political communications and strategic analysis.

The activities of political communication and strategic analysis are conducted with the software and produce three applied projects of research in these domains:

  1. The activity of sociological and geometrical paintings which could be seen at
  2. The activity of Bonsaïs farm which could also be seen at
  3. The activity of dj which is in progress and which has a domain: . The activity of Dj have been conducted at desk without public exhibition. Paintings Bonsais Farm

Cooperation-iws knowledge system philosophy


Cooperation-iws knowledge system demo is online since few weeks now (, and we will explain the philosophy and the purpose behind the tools.

Let’s first explain, in relatively brief manner, the theoretical fundations of the knowledge system. We need to say we adapt the work of Jean Louis Lemoigne on general system to produce separate and new components to the original way Jean Louis Lemoigne describe the general system. This was done after noticing the information progress to knowledge and decision: data -> information -> knowledge -> decision.

The structurating purpose of the knowledge system is to facilitate learning in the field of sciences, and especially in the field of social sciences, who are sometimes at the same level of complexity as mathematical studies. This is a structurating purpose because we can see in scientific reviews about learning, that human kind learned to build tools but also that tools and environment interactions make the mind evolution. So when I was interested to grab theoretical fundations during my professional experience in order to be admitted in Phd scholarship, I began to use open source information technology to settle my intellectual thinking and learning. This was around 2006 and today my knowledge system is a memory of my brain’s health and performance but this is also with the whole Cooperation-iws system which relies on open source intranet web server, a repository of my artistic, professional and scientific intellectual work.

As we will certainly produce a Phd thesis on the subject, we have just introduce it shortly and we will now proceed to explain the philosophy of the content of the knowledge system.

First we need to say that the knowledge system is dedicated to intranet personal server. This is not a research briefs publishing system but rather, a tool to facilitate learning in the field of sciences. The Cooperation-iws knowledge system is a demonstration and a snapshot of the real knowledge system which run at home, protected from security and privacy inquisition.

The knowledge system is aimed to live several years or decades, this is why we choose open source technology with large communities, professional class engineering and a complete compliance to web standards such as a LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, Php) server, and CMS system such as WordPress.

On the semantic side I structurate the information so that it match my scientific interests and produce a knowledge aggregation that lead to easy the writing of my research thesis. To sum up I needed to organize and archive my notes for several years of work.
We choose to divide the knowledge system into three separate repositories to avoid having a huge single storage of information, these repositories are:

The best image which describe the knowledge system is that this is a mirror for my brain, to keep it fit and in good health. Buddhist call it ignorance, Psychiatrist call it anosognosia, the aim of the knowledge system is to produce a mind building tool to improve its performance and fight the effects of these “so called” diseases.

If you followed me until here, you surely understood that you can’t leave a snapshot of your brain, of your intellectual faculties during several years, just like that on internet, for everyone to look at it, except maybe if you are an exhibitionist. This is why we introduce later the concept of Cooperation-iws Intranet Nomad Web server in another post when we will succeed to find sponsorship for the projects. For the moment you might still have a look at this promotional papers about the subject: