Category Archives: Technology decision system architecture Decision system architecture is a decision system project. The project is at the beta step of 0.9 release. The graph above shows the main architecture entities of the software. As you can see this is a distributed architecture. One of the key factor of the architecture is that every modules could be parallelized. The use of multithreads and parallel architecture is a necessary step toward computation costs reduction. Instead of having one big computation power, the system required several reduced computation power, several average size servers. Today the system archive is around 4Millions press articles and the databases are around a cumulated 200gb size. The system run on a 4 processors architecture with 128gb ram. To obtain the maximum availability of data we should say that the system should be deployed on several tenth of servers.

Concerning the architecture, we can notice that the Decision system monitor is the main component. It is itself separate into import, export, results servers. It is a component designed by The others main components are the crawler monitor which manage the archives process of urls and the crawlers servers. They are also software engineering work. The Web interface of data mining of the press archive is based on CMS inclusion library. The database servers and the files server are on the shelf open source components.

The next steps of design should be made with the deployment of the system on several other area of Internet, including United States press and Asia english press. It could also be deployed on middle east english press despite this geographical area is not main interest.

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On the nazi extermination camp technology

Occurences des mots clefs nazi dans la presse française. version beta

Today we will talk about an application of telepathy technology. The chi energy displacement  associated to labor and to the particular case of labor, slavery.

We notice in the telepathy experiment at desk the consumption of chi energy associated to labor. This is a particular case of cannibalism which is associated with slavery. On the telepathy experiment we notice that exogenous chi energy consumption is a root of schizophrenia. We explain it by unknown exogenous stress that consume the brain equanimity. We found in the french press articles database some cases of slavery in the contemporary France but we also found some case of suicidal tendencies at the work place. The suicidal tendencies at the work place are numerous in the contemporary France.

The assumptions of telepathy technology with a massive chi energy displacement causing schizophrenia and suicidal tendencies is found in the Le Havre place area. As far as we know experiments of both slavery, extermination were conducted during world war II, in extermination camp. This is why we made also the assumption that extermination camps still exist at the work place in contemporary France.

Concerning the exact match of slavery, cannibalism and extermination, the french press articles database of show emergence of collective intelligence, and analytics of premature death. The pattern of slavery become to be obvious with France industrial organisation and economical crisis 2009. The pattern of cannibalism is not obvious, it is dissimulated under the case of suicidal tendencies and schizophrenia. The pattern of extermination shows numerous case of accidents and premature deaths which are related to a lack of knowledge empowerment in contemporary France. This means there is exploit of information asymmetry on France population, probably at military level.

We tried to contact Simon Wiesenthal center as well as France Israël Embassy concerning our personal position and to have correlation on nazi analytics.

For more information you can contact me at or on social networks hardware test began software engineering on low costs AMD chips. Today we are currently testing the HP proliant DL580g5 and HP proliant DL580g7. These are units of 4U with 4 processors and 128Gb ram with a respective price below 500 euros and 1000 euros.

The HP proliant DL580g5 is too old technology with DDR2 ram, it is why we switch to DL580g7. Today the server is at full load and this gave us the possibility to design new data mining features to the french press articles database.

HP proliant DL580g5

HP proliant DL580g7

The load of the server is recorded with the Munin software supervision.The architecture of the data mining archives is based on two mysql servers and a web front end and monitor server.

Mysql server 1 load                    

Mysql server 2 load

Monitor and Web frontend server Linux Intranet Nomad Server Linux Intranet Nomad Server activities began with open source engineering of LAMP (Linux Apache Mysql Php) solutions. When usb live linux distribution arrived on the market several years ago, we found interesting to separate the hard drive technology from the server technology. This gave the birth to Cooperation-iws nomad server operating system. A Linux server with the ability to boot on usb key or usb hardrive. From the network side, the ability to build a turn key intranet solutions with an Intranet Domain name without registration authority was interesting to reduce maintenance and administration costs.

Today the Linux Intranet Nomad Server is based on Debian. The main features are:

  1. This is live distribution with only read write access to the mandatory conf or data files. This means the major part of the operating system is read only. This reduce administration and maintenance tasks and as this is live technology the system boot as virtual image in the cloud or as real system on different kind of servers hardware. This is a key element of the system availability and reliability.
  2. This is an intranet server with automated configuration of the Intranet Domain name. The Bind server is associated to the Dhcp server to produce Intranet network with network services such as web, ftp, files sharing, domains, …
  3. The operating system is generated with scripts and Web interface, meaning you configure your operating system with a web interface and then you download the image to install on drive as virtual image or as bootable operating system. This give the possibility to generate several systems quickly while recording the configuration of the system. This also gave the possibility to have handy backup of the system.
  4. There is an app store with the operating system generator web interface. This means you choose the system web, professional, client applications and the operating system is a turn key image with the installed applications.

Today is looking to set the project on internet with the source code. It requires packages files hosting, web application hosting and computation power for the generator. If you are interested by the system you can contact me at or on social networks at french press analytics past years work was on french press analytics. The archiving and indexation of main Internet press portals gave an archive of around 4 Millions press articles. There are analytics in the field of politics, economics, technology, finance and military subjects.

In the field of politics, the main analytics describe the government activities and the political landscape of contemporary France. The main governement metrics could be established from the internet press. The study of these metrics show terrorism war  escalation, economical crisis facts and crimes scenes facts. The foreign affairs of french governement are also interested and we can sum up the geopoplitics position of the foreign policies department with world maps. We also have the political people class human resources management with a visibility on promotion, falls and affairs.

In the field of Military subjects, we have a view on the main international crisis as well as feedback on the in progress military operations. We have also potentials of army and navy from french defence industry. The graph analytics are associated with algorithms that show the trends and that allow detection of early phenomenons, thus detecting birthing crisis and measuring the estimated impact of crisis.

In the field of economics, the metrics of popular economical keywords such as unemployment, syndicates, tax, frauds show the landscape of France economics. The trace of financials flows associated to public or private sectors shows mainly the balance of power as well as corruptions initiatives and poverty level. The commerce deficit analytics are also visible and are associated with brands metrics and marketing campaign technology and funds. To have a comment, the economical crisis is measured in the press with analytics from the overall society.

Concerning the technology of metrics, the graphs come from php svg library such as Google charts and today the graphs are beta releases. The computation power is growing with the amount of data since several years. Today we have around 200gb raw databases. Optimization in the fields of algorithms and technology are foreseen but today the system is miniaturized to the point of efficiency in the field of costs and electricity consumption.

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This graph is a map of countries name keyword hits from last 7 days, last 30 days, … This is a google chart svg graphic.


This screenshot shows the press articles archive.


This graph show the geography metrics of countries name keywords hits in the french press.

This graph is a beta release of the Syrie keyword hits evolution since 2013. Open source engineering company SAS systems engineering activities are based on open source technology. The main business is based on Debian Linux with open source web services integration. Despite today no code have been published yet, hope is to have one day an open source community. Several projects could be able to be published but maintainers are necessary. The problem today for me is to find time and hosting for a Linux distribution based on Debian and Php libraries. As I am alone, and as I cross difficulties, it is not affordable for me to set a professional class open source project on Internet. This is why today the source code is not published, but you can contact me if you are interested in some of the projects.
The main operating system project is a flavour of Debian Live which engineering began on the Debian Lenny release and which today is at the Jessie oldstable release.
The other project is an agile engineering web services php library. It consists in inclusion library in several CMS portals to allow agile and quick design of php web applications. The library is modular and the modules collection is expandable to wrap linux shell code or to design a web application from scratch while beneficiating of the Joomla or WordPress source code community.

To contact me you can just email me at if you have hosting space for packages repository and cloud for demos. The operating system project has a business model and is professional class software. Decision System

Dear reader,

It has been a long time since I do not post on this blog. Today I will introduce the decision system work. is an internet archiver and analyser, this is a search engine with data mining features. Today the system runs on single HP proliant server with 4 processors and 128GB ram, and the early code have been designed on low cost servers and low cost chips. This kind of software is supposed to run on intranet and this is a component of Cooperation-iws operating system intranet server. The code is distributed and the aims today is to have deployment on several areas of Internet. This means despite being today a single server, it could run on a data center. This was needed to be said. For past years the system ran on internet french press, and the analytics of the decision system produced analysis in the fieds of political sociology, medias sociology and economics. I need to say there was also analytics in the field of criminology, particularly during the 2009 economical crisis and I have been busy on a testimonial on war crimes and crimes against humanity on the France territory until today.
The site of the project is, the Facebook page is

The company behind the project is called, this is a SAS based near Le Havre (Normandy).

To contact me, just email to, you can have a view of my Hotline on Instagram,

Regards,, June 13, the supply chain geopolitics


The supercomputers ranking ( of June has just been released and we will proceed to the Supply Chain geopolitics analysis of the Top10 ranking. The Supply Chain analysis relies on the industrial components and organisations studies in the field of procurement, manufacturing and technological performance (Peak performance, architecture, …) . The geopolitics lighting on the subject will provide the value added to the point of view of nations (nations building).

The Top500 of June 13 is available at this address: and we will begin with some statistics. Let’s first notice that the first place is owned by a China supercomputer from the National University of Defense Technology.  Let’s also notice that there are five US computers in the Top 10, and as we remember in 2004, when we also followed the ranking, there is always a vast majority of US computers in the ranking.

If we made the procurement analysis of the Chinese supercomputer which desserve the first place, we notice that the architecture of the system is a chinese manufacturing. This means that China succeeded to ride the Supply Chain procurement and manufacturing up to the microprocessor, a USA provided part, the intel Xeon microprocessor. But we know that China has already a microprocessor industry meaning that in ten years, the supercomputer will be a complete chinese technology.

If we examine the original providers of the top 10, we notice that seven of the supercomputers are provided by USA suppliers (Cray, IBM, Dell) and the others are Japanese (Fujitsu) or Chinese (NUDT).

Now let’s examine the European supercomputer in the top ten which are german at the 7th and 9th place. The 7th place is an IBM provided computer, this mean that it was designed, built, assemblated, tested in USA before being sold to European countries. The 9th place is also an IBM provided supercomputer.

The first french provided supercomputer is at the 15th place, a Bull technology based on USA electronic components providers (Microprocessors, chips, …) and we notice at the 11th place another french supercomputer from the Total company provided by SGI, a USA company.

Now let’s examine why Europe is still buying USA technology ten years after having entered in the ranking with companies like Bull.

We know that in 2007, the main issue to produce artificial intelligence automates (Supercomputer, Flying drones, …) is the huge amount of data that comes from the sensors aimed at orientation, vision, …, or the huge amount of data transiting the supercomputer nodes. This huge amount of data is something that is count in Gigabyte per seconds (Gb/s), and this is only in 2012 that we saw in commercial electronic shops foreign motherboard that could process gigabyte of information per second. This means that now in 2013, France does not build long range drones, because in 2007 France was not able to master IT hardware technology behind the server, the brain of the drone. And we explain it by the fact that France did not succeed in riding the supply chain up to the microprocessor. France stayed at the system assemblier level and stopped its progress at the electronic motherboard production, and this since 2004, where the situation was approximately the same as today.

We have just seen the strategical interests of USA for Supercomputer technology, interests that are implemented since the beginning of 1980’s, and that today lead to the USA domination in the field of Information technology, in the field of the software (Google, Facebook, Twitter), but also in the field of the hardware (Dell, IBM, Cray, SGI, …). The investment return for USA are today some cash that comes from all the world by selling electronic component world wide but not only. There is also a cultural influence served by software such as Google, Twitter or Facebook that lead to consolidation of USA nation and its powerfull presence world wide. We shall also mention the competitive advantage of the mastering of IT technology in the field of business but also in the field of military power.

Twitter competitors business model




Today I was looking for news about dedicated servers for rental. A dedicated server is a machine you rent in a data center with large broadband. A dedicated server is better than a simple web hosting but you need to be advanced user to be able to administrate your machine. It offers more features than the simple web hosting as you may install whatever softwares you want on your server. Security concerns needs to be more aware in the administrator mind but this is what is called an advanced “Linux” User.

Let’s say we are looking for money making in the field of Internet startups by being a proud competitor of Twitter: This is only an example as Cooperation-iws software are beyond the scope of a single communication tool like Twitter, despite Twitter is a very large audience tool.


So we choose a dedicated server with sufficient amount of RAM memory and processors to be able to kick up the company without being in a short availability as the audience grow up. The server is a dedibox server from with 128Gb RAM, 16 processors, 9 To disk space, unlimited trafic and 300MB/sec broadband . The cost is 289€/month rental. We could have the marketing at this webpage: This kind of server is more powerfull than the IBM mainframe of 2004.


Now we are looking for a software and we will choose, a free open source software that run on, the opensource competitor of Twitter.

Having already tested the installation of the software on our intranet software, we could say that the install process is easy for any IT technician that has two years studies of Linux IT technology.


So we have some cost of around 300€ for hardware and broadband rental and 0€ for software acquisition and maintenance price (free open source software). We could even upgrade to a professional support of when times come if the company business model is of this kind.

For human resources administration costs let’s say we are part time employed elsewhere to kick up the project and we do it alone for free, or another suggestion, that we’d rather administrate a linux server than zoning in the street.

Now we will look on the cash we could have from such project.

Let’s say we need to grow up to national audience and today the only national competitor is Twitter a foreign company project. So we will advertise in profesionnal social network like Viadeo, Linkedin, Xing, even Facebook by joining professional groups.

The main cash generation come from the audience and the data, customer feed freely in the software. So with audience we could make some commercial marketing and advertising by joining avertising distributor (french or foreign). Google marketing is not the kind of commercial advertising we would choose as the formatted way of advertising is not enough customizable and as it substitute our brand by the google brand which is also a kind of competitor.

Audience could also be interesting for public or private partnership. For example we know that Twitter’s twit would surely be archived in US congress library.

We could even dream of a defence partnership for high availabily communication around the world serving french foreign policy interests.


Now we are dreaming and wondering why nobody’s get the idea before …