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On France trade deficit CAC40 analytics, beta release

The France trade deficit is not something new, in 2016 it was at 48 billions euros. The France trade deficit is at the root of the french economical crisis.

If we examine in concrete facts what shapes the France trade deficit, we see that France has no more control of its Supply Chain in numerous technological subjects. We see in the french press articles database that french industrial organization has lose the french territory sovereignty, notably while establishing out of territory factories.

The value and money accumulation has not occurred in France since a lot of time and the public policies of the past governments aggravated the trade deficit in the fields of technology and finance.

The world best in class of the trade deficit are Germany and China because they reach the trade surplus while having localized their industry on their territory.

The french press database records the financial flows of France related industry and today we can see that the trade deficit concept is no more accurate  to describe the France economical position. To describe the France economical position it is necessary to examine industrial organisations in the field of technology and Finance. We need also to have a look on France Urbanization. The distribution chain is also interested with effort since 2012 to improve French products selling.

One of the key factor of the french products sales is the Internet marketing and we have seen with analytics on marketing that France brands do not master the internet marketing. The main elements of Internet marketing which are the internet technology and the fundings of the brand fame escape to France sovereignty.

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Terrorism war escalation since 2013 on the France territory

Homeland security analytics since 2013. Beta release strategic analysis activities began on Tunisia and Lybia military intervention. Since then numerous events have occured and today France has numerous terrorism acts of war on its territory.

The graph above shows the escalation of attentats since 2013. The graph decribe the attentat keyword hit in the French press articles titles. We see there are some peaks of activities around Christmas 2014 and Christmas 2015.

Concerning the landscape of war terrorism in France, this is not obvious to have a delimited frontier between occident and muslim terrorism. We see notably there are terrorism acts from occidental extreme right people and we know that France has almost unilateral trade relation with Qatar which will conduct the football mondial of 2023. We know also that United States president Donald Trump is having good relations with middle east countries. This is why the dreamt civilisation conflict between muslim and christians does not occur. The terrorism war has not for the moment the aspect of a crusade and this is why both extreme right and muslim terrorism acts are severe against moderate population.

The graph are for the moment beta release and is now working with new server on the completion of the graph.

For more information or contact: or on social networks at tried to contact authorities work begin around 2009. Since 2009 tried to contact the following authorities without appropriate answer on the crime against humanity and war crime associated to schizophrenia:

  • International Criminal Court
  • Rouen High Court
  • Nanterre High Court
  • DGSI
  • DRM
  • Interpol
  • FBI
  • Préfecture de police de Paris
  • Hôtel de police du Havre
  • DGA
  • Supelec
  • Israel embassy
  • United States embassy
  • Germany embassy
  • Diplomacy of European Union in Paris
  • French War school
  • Saint Cyr Coëtquidan research center
  • CESM
  • Australia embassy
  • Association française de sociologie
  • Centre Simon Wiesenthal
  • Les Républicains
  • Parti socialiste
  • Siège du Grand Orient Paris
  • En Marche
  • Debout la république
  • Cellule de communication de l’Elysée
  • 08victimes
  • CRIF
  • AFP
  • 20minutes
  • Mediapart
  • Sources sures

This is what we call an exploit on schizophrenia.

On the nazi extermination camp technology

Occurences des mots clefs nazi dans la presse française. version beta

Today we will talk about an application of telepathy technology. The chi energy displacement  associated to labor and to the particular case of labor, slavery.

We notice in the telepathy experiment at desk the consumption of chi energy associated to labor. This is a particular case of cannibalism which is associated with slavery. On the telepathy experiment we notice that exogenous chi energy consumption is a root of schizophrenia. We explain it by unknown exogenous stress that consume the brain equanimity. We found in the french press articles database some cases of slavery in the contemporary France but we also found some case of suicidal tendencies at the work place. The suicidal tendencies at the work place are numerous in the contemporary France.

The assumptions of telepathy technology with a massive chi energy displacement causing schizophrenia and suicidal tendencies is found in the Le Havre place area. As far as we know experiments of both slavery, extermination were conducted during world war II, in extermination camp. This is why we made also the assumption that extermination camps still exist at the work place in contemporary France.

Concerning the exact match of slavery, cannibalism and extermination, the french press articles database of show emergence of collective intelligence, and analytics of premature death. The pattern of slavery become to be obvious with France industrial organisation and economical crisis 2009. The pattern of cannibalism is not obvious, it is dissimulated under the case of suicidal tendencies and schizophrenia. The pattern of extermination shows numerous case of accidents and premature deaths which are related to a lack of knowledge empowerment in contemporary France. This means there is exploit of information asymmetry on France population, probably at military level.

We tried to contact Simon Wiesenthal center as well as France Israël Embassy concerning our personal position and to have correlation on nazi analytics.

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Schizophrenia international criminal court claim

Observatoire de la santé publique. Statistiques de la presse Française. lab study schizophrenia sociology since around 2005. The Schizophrenia sociology thesis of are backed by engineering degree related to economics and by research activities in the field of sociology coming from Max Weber work.

Schizophrenia sociology have been studied by In Vivo position and by french press articles database analysis. The study of Schizophrenia sociology show external environmental roots of Schizophrenia, apart from drugs addiction or brain disease. The external roots of schizophrenia have been mentioned in a previous post as the sectarian origin of chi energy loss.

While studying the criminality associated to schizophrenia in french press articles database we could examine some family drama of schizophren son who kills his mother or a schizophren mother who kills her children. We could also examine in United States the case of gunshot associated to mental illness. Some other cases in a lesser severity show school teachers blame for having misconduct political debate in classroom or salary men blame and prosecution in the medias. These later cases are interesting despite they are not in proper words “schizophrenia case”. We could also mentionned the suicidal tendencies of salary men at France Telecom, more generally in industry, in army and police and amongst farmers.

The overall cases of premature deaths which are in the french press articles database shows emergence of patterns of schizophrenia sociology. If we add the explanation of schizophrenia environmental roots of sectarian chi energy loss we start to describe crimes against humanity instead of describing an unexplained premature death.

The collective intelligences that are related to schizophrenia sociology we can notice in french press articles database  let us also think there is industrialization of schizophrenia. This means schizophrenia sociology and schizophrenia diagnosis are not a new concept, these are concepts that have been theorized and industrialized, surely at military lab. This is why we can add the convictions of war crimes to schizophrenia case and in more extends to mental illness cases roots.

Concerning our position we send a testimonial to International criminal court on schizophrenia and economical crisis, as well as at Rouen and Nanterre high court. We notice that French social sciences publication of EHESS are working on the same subjects and we also notice that Hollywood movies sociology is also working on these subjects.

Occurence des mots clefs relatifs au suicide dans la presse française. version beta

Occurence des mots clefs relatifs à la psychiatrie dans la presse française. Version beta
 Strategic analysis and political communications analysis reports strategic analysis and political communications begin around 2009, working on the image in the press of french ministers and president during the Nicolas Sarkozy mandate. The analysis of in the field of economics, arts, philosophy have been sollicited by a military collaboration. From the political communications and strategic analysis came the decision system project. analysis were used for french economical crisis, for Lybia military intervention and for Syria military intervention between 2009 and 2012.

The effect of political communications could be seen on Internet press articles, on french scientific publications, on library shelves. It could also be seen on hardware technology shelves of Le Havre area and some internet shops.

Today and since 2009 it is important to say that the collaboration was not paid, and we tried to reach DGSI and finally Rouen and Nanterre High court.

It is also important to say that produced analysis that were used during electoral campaign 2012 and that were re-used during electoral campaign 2017.

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French press analytics, political people management

Top 10 Political people ranking, last 30 days hits

Top 10 Political people ranking, Item weight hits


These graphs are a ranking of political people names keywords hits in the French press articles title around October 2017. This is the top 10 influencing french political people in the press. They are taken from software.

As we can see there is an omnipresence of the french president Emmanuel Macron and the comparative study show there is only one opinion leader. If we have a restrictive view on the in place governmental political people we see that there is also a medias domination of the president on the other ministers.

The first graph show the Top 10 last 30 days hits in articles title and the second graph show the Top 10 daily weight in articles title. The weight is a ponderation algorithm that take data from past and that show the trends. This is a detection of the coming medias impacts.

Conclusions of the graphs show there is a political communications management in the french press which is located at the Elysée, the President location. Conclusions of the graph also show that there is an image deficit for political people with very few popular political people.

We can add to these previous two remarks that United States political communications since several tenth of years has a substitute to political people fame which is the artists and actors popularity as well as the marketing of the United States brands. This is not the case in France where artists and actors have also a popularity deficit.

We will develop later in another post the fame mechanisms of french press that apply to people and brands and that are associated with the fundings of the fame.

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Telepathy technology, a brief introduction

OA Paintings.

Today we will speak about one subject which is at the heart of engineering lab studies. Telepathy technology is encountered at while measuring the France Homeland Security theater with the decision system project. In France Telepathy is a side effect of mental illness called schizophrenia.

At lab we decided to study schizophrenia in the field of social sciences. Today one of the particular effect of schizophrenia is to hear telepathy voices and to receive external information, sound, image on the mental perception. But we need first to explain what is the mental perception. Human people have several perceptions, the hearing, the taste, the sight, the touch, … and the mental perception. Mental perception is a brain capacity to simulate the sight, the hearing, … and this is the perception that allow dreams. The dreams during the night are carried on the mental perception.

Thus telepathy is a capacity to displace mental perception from one body to another body. Chinese medicine have found the concept of Chi energy, the brain and body energy. This gave acupuncture application and Taï Chi and meditation  sport to stay in good health while being aware of the Chi energy displacement in the body.

Thus encountering telepathy in the field of schizophrenia study shows one of the external environmental roots of schizophrenia. At we encountered several phenomenon associated to schizophrenia which are telepathy, mediums, and hypnotizers. The theater of experiments is my desk or my garden. The telepathy phenomenon is a known and historical phenomenon which is kept in the field of legends and mythology.

As we introduce it the knowledge of the Chi energy is the key element to understand telepathy, mediums and hypnotizers. We experiment at several kind of chi energy displacement, including inside and outside effects which usually take the shape of a kind of blasted athmosphear.

The experiments theater concerned by historical observations is the garden and we found in celtic mythology, references to the vegetal ecosystem war theater. An essential element to understand is the association of war theater, operations theater to the landscape by the telepathy faculties owner in the area of Le Havre (Normandy).

Concerning the study of schizophrenia there are other elements to study that are related to telepathy which is the stress management inside the body. The stress management could be learn by sport or meditation and this a key factor to understand the environmental effects of stress.

We could develop later in another post the hypnotizers  and schizophrenia behaviors in the operations theater.

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Schizophrenia sociology

OA Paintings, Aganippe, Sodibor camp sociology

OA Paintings, Aganippe, Sodibor camp sociology

Today, we will examine one of the research subjects of project. The research subject deals about mental illness sociology, known as schizophrenia. The research subject is labelled as “Sectarian risk and psychiatric risk conjunction”.

First we need to precise what is “schizophrenia”. Schizophrenia is a behavior disorder associated to mind and brain disorder. The subject is very large and we could examine the different patterns of behavior disorder and mind and brain disorder. In some cases the brain or behavior disorder is a prosecution of a behavior that is condemned by religious or sectarian norms instead of being a criminal behavior condemned by laws.

When we talks about schizophrenia sociology we examine the external roots of behavior disorder or brain disorder. First we notice that a brain disorder might be occured by environment, drugs or disease and which induce deficiency in behavior. We need to say that brain weakness due to environment, drugs or disease is at the origin of behavior disorder.

If we now examine only the effect of environment on schizophrenia, we need to settle the drugs or disease roots by reaching no alcohol, no drugs, and sport practicing behavior. At this point we enter the domains of orgy sociology and as far as we know the substitute found in Asia to orgy is meditation. Meditation is mind training and relaxing method which involve daily routine of empowerment of welfare by the mean of gym, relaxation and philosophy. Yoga, meditation come from the early age of shamanism in Asia. Thus practicing meditation and asceticism will let you enter in the field of orgy sociology which is a necessary step to understand the environmental roots of schizophrenia. Orgy sociology is a meeting point of several fields of criminality including the sectarians risk. Alcohol or drugs cooptation mechanisms are one of attractive objects of the orgy.

Thus fighting schizophrenia disorder with meditation and asceticism will separate the environmental roots drugs and brain disease from the other environmental roots. At this point we need to precise an element of Chinese medicine known as Chi, the mind and body energy. Chi energy could be felt by sport exercise or meditation and is known to come from a blood vector. One of meditation target is the accumulation of Chi energy in the brain. Being aware of chi energy is an important step of meditation and is the beginning of a new environment awareness and especially orgy. This is also an important step to understand the United States Hollywood movie sociology in which nightmare and fictions take an important place.

Legends from Asia about meditation often talk about Chi energy thief attacks to the boddhisatva people. In Occidental countries we now miracles from healer, that correspond to body energy displacement. The move of chi energy in space is a miracle recorded in China several years ago by ascetic Daoists. This is why we can add another environmental root of schizophrenia to drugs and brain disease which is chi energy loss.

Having discovered a third environmental root of schizophrenia disorder that rely on chinese medicine concepts, let us do extrapolation on the technology, the author of chi energy loss causing schizophrenia. At this point we enter criminology, criminology of labor, criminology of sects and we can settle that there is a conjunction of sectarian risk and psychiatric risk.

Concerning our personal position, we send a testimonial to international criminal court and to Rouen and Nanterre High court and we try to reach french social sciences researchers as this a social sciences Phd research thesis subject.

We will develop in another post later, the sociology of schizophrenia in conjunction with military risks.

My contact:, research subjects

The project comes with research activities in the field of social sciences, artificial intelligence and engineering. The research background has not been yet validated by a Phd, neither by homologuation of french scientific centers. We send a testimonial to EHESS concerning several subjects and tried to reach several departments of CNRS and INRIA without answer. We also contacted the Onera aerospace and defence research center without answer.

We mentionned a list of research subjects at, we will named a few of them:

  • How to manage artificial omniscience. Sociological and Physiological observations
  • Operations theater simulations, the case of the vegetal ecosystem. Psychological, sociological and historical observations.
  • Scapegoats in medias, sociological and psychological analysis.
  • Negation propagation in the medias, psychological and sociological mechanisms
  • Today’s main interests are on political sociology, psychiatry sociology, and homeland security.

    You can contact me if you are interested in either some of the research subjects mentionned in research subjects files. Some of the subjects are dangerous, dealing about freedom of press, freedom of speech and political sociology of french society.

    If you have been concerned by one of the subject, being a victim or simply recognizing a possibility of legal claim, you can contact me for class actions at and my hotline is on Instagram at