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Welcome on Cooperation-iws blog. This blog will gather some information about epic Cooperation-iws systems adventure.

Cooperation-iws systems are information systems and decision systems built on open source technology. The first components of Cooperation-iws systems have been built in 2008.

Since then, several non public releases were built including nomad operating system, a modified version of Debian Lenny and Debian Squeeze, and the main decision systems based on open source technology, waiting to find a business model for public availability. For Cooperation-iws nomad operating systems promotion, you can have a look at these papers (pdf).

Decision systems worked on real situation and real conditions during past years. Some case studies observed on european and international societies emerged in the field of marketing war, national economy management and, of course, information technology progress and strategy.  For decision systems case studies, you can have a look at these informed research thesis and research papers comments.

As you can see in my CV, I had previous work experience in french defence industry, mainly in logistics call for tender for defence procurement agencies. The idea of the decision systems I have built, came from my consulting work on the Mentor design study in 2007. Mentor was a training system for tactical joint staff ; we worked with a department of CID (Collège interarmée de Défense). But this was only the idea, the prototype I have built is completely different in technology and in strategy from those of the industrial I worked for.

As you probably noticed, Cooperation-iws was born in 2008, but since then there was no real progess in public availability of products. This is mainly because I had no private or governmental fundings, despite working on national IT strategy and even Defence IT strategy that exist only on international foreign countries (USA, China). It seems that french defence industry was from irrational and irresponsible manner in love with US software firms proprietary technology. You can have a look at such kind of problem when you notice the number of french political leaders that work with Microsoft Windows, Twitter, Facebook …

Nevertheless, if you are interested with the Cooperation-iws projects you can contact me with the social networks I am affiliated (see at the top of the page) or you can send me an email at olivier.avenel [at]


Olivier Avenel