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On the mass telepathic cannibalism shutdown at Le Havre (2)

This afternoon is Friday afternoon and we are to the point of the mass telepathic cannibalism architecture analysis at Montivilliers coming from Le Havre.

Following our observation we notice a regular Blast of desk associated to a differential athmosphear in the street which seems to be loaded with telepathic food. This mean there is a feeling of depression coming from nervous system rigidity and exogenous chi energy consumption inside the House, but as soon as we open the entry door we find open air atmosphere which regulate immediately depression by stopping exogenous chi energy consumption.

Following our observation, if we stay too long time in the street, the feeling of depressive flow of air in the morning is causing depression. This probably means that there is something which is vehiculated by the air crossing in the street. At Montivilliers the phenomenon is light but when we come closer to the Le Havre city center, the phenomenon grow up in size and feeling. This means there is something at the Le Havre place which is vehiculated in the street and in the air. When looking for reason of ill feeling in the Le Havre streets, we finally find several causes, the presence of gaz in the air and the presence of intelligent radiancy which effect is to counterbalance positive energy with negative energy.

The real explanation is not yet solved but there are serious assumptions that a mass and mechanical telepathy based warfare is at work at Le Havre.

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On Hollywood movies sociology initial activity began on economics and economical sociology during economical crisis 2009. The activity was backed by french press articles analysis. Since then the level of sociology grew up with years of contemporary history collection. The sociological interest of came from Max Weber work in the field of political and economical sociology.

As was consulted during economical crisis for government level policies, the idea to look at heavy weight countries economical, military and cultural model was evidence. This is why find his sociological observations in  Hollywood movies, to finally qualify Hollywood movie as a cultural, political, economical, military memories of what cannot be obviously said in writing sociology.

Today OA Paintings sociological concept is to tease at the world, and particularly France economical and political secrets of occidental society the same way Hollywood movies do.

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The point on Le Havre sects (2)

This evening is having a meeting with the ghost political staff. Olivier Avenel is having feedback from the ghost political staff of his resume sending to Le Havre industry. This afternoon we had feedback from the portal on China merchant navy vessel robotization, seeming to tell me the artificial intelligence field of work is interesting.

This evening I have some feedback about emergency relocation in case of criminal activities against desk.

I have also feedback that I am a little bit too much educated. I will answer to this point with the current degrees of education of Olivier Avenel, which are merchant navy officer, logistics engineer, specialized master of systems logistics. To this degrees Olivier Avenel should have had a computer science Phd and an economics, politics, sociology Phd. I should also say that Olivier Avenel likes knowledge and likes education and wishes to everybody the same. Today the position is relevant to nazi sects presence at Montivilliers coming from Le Havre merchant navy mafia.

For contact artificial intelligence lab project founder artificial intelligence interest began around 2000 when Internet arrives at the large audience public stage in France. Around 2002 the first install of Linux Mandrake 7.0, later Mandriva, gave a real enthusiast to learn computer science and programming language. The facts that was free software at the birth of peer to peer networks and mp3 downloading had a significant advantage to the Microsoft operating system. The huge amount of free software available to test and install was an education value added at the university level.

Today project founder should have had artificial intelligence Phd in the field of decision system. From artificial intelligence we know the drones and the robots but the decision system is a beginning of artificial brain. Drones and robots have small brain, the decision system is a politics and economics brain.

Google softwares are decision system. Today the project from is a google news for intranet oriented software. It should be deployed in a data center on several other targets than internet french press. This coming days show evolution of Olivier Avenel position in french society with the feedback from is resume sending to french industry. This might be the case of the waited evolution of toward datacenter size business.

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On child ill treatment associated to political promotion and military affiliation

At we study effects and sociology of telepathic faculties owner in the Le Havre area. We notice predominant trends of child ill treatment while looking at teenagers and post teenagers population. The effects of child Ill treatment are associated to teenagers health troubles.

The root causes of Child Ill treatment comes from adult political involvement we can find in military affiliation or political promotion on the medias scene. In some cases we find mother or father criminality against his own childs. In other cases we find criminality against childs of political opposite party.

Childs Ill treatment could evolve toward child soldiers pathology and toward childs scape goat pathology.

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OA Paintings exposed

OA paintings is currently exposed at OA Paintings is looking to find exposition networks suitable for the paintings subjects which comes from sociology, anthropology, politics, economics and Buddhism.

If you are interested, you can contact OA Paintings author for exposition at

A sound concept is also at work despite waiting evolution.


A point on Le Havre sects

From our last post on Le Havre and Brest military mediumship planification, we decided to send Olivier Avenel resume in the area of Le Havre and West France. We are actually analysing the feedback of the press and the feedback in the street.

The schizophrenia position of Olivier Avenel is evolving toward evidence of the conjunction of psychiatric risk and the sectarian risk coming from nazi merchant navy at Le Havre.

The risk coming from telepathic feedback is a collective aggression against schizophrens and their families. We shall also mentioned the presence of military sects from merchant navy which present a criminal risk against civilian population in the case of humint recruitment.

Concerning the tracks of nazi intelligence, we are looking in the press on under covered death penalties pronounced since the Olivier Avenel resume sending. The portal report the unusual death of a dog killed by his propriatary in Bretagne few days ago.

Concerning the evolution of the jobs internet portal, we notice the new jobs offers in Le Havre area concerning Areva industry of La Hague.

Concerning extreme right female milice sects of Le Havre, the commercial shops today show tracks of nervous anger in the population. The commercial shop population seems to be under pressure at 15 o’ clock a working day.

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Bonsaï farm activity of

The Bonsaï farm activity of began several years ago, while was just a thought of the possible future. It began with interest in exotic Bonsaï trees coming from Asia. The interest grow up for several years to finally acquire Bonsaï tree sculpture techniques and philosophy.

When founding and, the pre existing bonsaï farm has been associated to the Company with a startup state of mind for relaxing and happiness to work.

Since then the Bonsaï farm has been used for relaxation but also for interest in ecosystems for comparative studies with french press archives analysis. The comparative studies of french press ecosystems observation with small trees ecosystems has been found usefull to analyse and to settle philosophical and economical policies.

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The schizophren who talks to presidents

Let’s joke at the position. At a rural town with farms near the Le Havre Port, schizophrenia of Olivier Avenel took the shape of telepathy with a ghost political staff. Today Olivier Avenel hears voice with constructive dialog, a human intelligence based question and answer in his desk of Montivilliers while working on artificial intelligence and paintings. The schizophrenia take the shape of a ghost who sucks the political and sociological phd level thesis as well as a jealous mimesis of activities of garden and art. That should be stupid problem of merchant navy nazi mafia, but the business took the shape of political communication for french government, russian government, and probably usa government, we probably are not exhaustive, since several years (10 years) with the funding of a pension for handicap for schizophrenia. Political deciders at president level find the communication philosophy, a talk at Montivilliers alone,  of interesting. saw its works in several french president communication.

Of course report the position to police, army, journalist and embassies and the result was no reaction despite report criminal activities of political assassination and attentats in the telepathic network. Currently still continue find correlation of Macron government communication with its work.

And today the portal from french press who usually sucks my desk activity jokes at my today garden photos with a title on Dubaï most largest Hotel, a 358m building.


On omniscience technology of decision system

Concerning the project of of decision system we mentioned in a previous post the Russian presence near desk as well as the tracking of and activities on Google since 2009.

The image fields Google key words “masque théatre romain” refer to research activity at Montivilliers since several years and we could assume the planning of telepathic dictatorship technology since the Chirac mandate in the images fields of the Google keywords.

We know DGSI files are on images fields of google keywords, due to a probably DGA contract between DGSI and US NSA.

We contact the USA embassy during Obama mandate and during Trump mandate to have homologuation of french president political communication of We also contacted the Israël embassy and the Cour pénale internationale since several years due to schizophrenia and economical crisis war crimes.

The Assange affairs and the Snownden affairs could be correlated with the Kerviel affair which is itself correlated with mine and clearstream affair in the field of intelligence service scape goat communication.

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