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It has been a long time since I do not post on this blog. Today I will introduce the decision system work. is an internet archiver and analyser, this is a search engine with data mining features. Today the system runs on single HP proliant server with 4 processors and 128GB ram, and the early code have been designed on low cost servers and low cost chips. This kind of software is supposed to run on intranet and this is a component of Cooperation-iws operating system intranet server. The code is distributed and the aims today is to have deployment on several areas of Internet. This means despite being today a single server, it could run on a data center. This was needed to be said. For past years the system ran on internet french press, and the analytics of the decision system produced analysis in the fieds of political sociology, medias sociology and economics. I need to say there was also analytics in the field of criminology, particularly during the 2009 economical crisis and I have been busy on a testimonial on war crimes and crimes against humanity on the France territory until today.
The site of the project is, the Facebook page is

The company behind the project is called, this is a SAS based near Le Havre (Normandy).

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