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The project comes with research activities in the field of social sciences, artificial intelligence and engineering. The research background has not been yet validated by a Phd, neither by homologuation of french scientific centers. We send a testimonial to EHESS concerning several subjects and tried to reach several departments of CNRS and INRIA without answer. We also contacted the Onera aerospace and defence research center without answer.

We mentionned a list of research subjects at, we will named a few of them:

  • How to manage artificial omniscience. Sociological and Physiological observations
  • Operations theater simulations, the case of the vegetal ecosystem. Psychological, sociological and historical observations.
  • Scapegoats in medias, sociological and psychological analysis.
  • Negation propagation in the medias, psychological and sociological mechanisms
  • Today’s main interests are on political sociology, psychiatry sociology, and homeland security.

    You can contact me if you are interested in either some of the research subjects mentionned in research subjects files. Some of the subjects are dangerous, dealing about freedom of press, freedom of speech and political sociology of french society.

    If you have been concerned by one of the subject, being a victim or simply recognizing a possibility of legal claim, you can contact me for class actions at and my hotline is on Instagram at

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