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We heard in the news since the end of last week some information about the Prism NSA program. This program refer to world wide integrated intelligence monitoring tool for Internet.

We have already heard of such program in 2004 under the name of TIA, Total Information Awareness or Terrorism Information awareness when we were interested in major defence program in the field of Information Technology during our Master thesis work. At the age we found information about this program in economic intelligence reviews.

Our Master thesis work was dealing about the general system from the work of US scientists in the field of systematics. The theory of systems is something that has been described in the first times in France by Jean Louis Lemoigne, engineer from the Ecole Centrale. Thus the general system is built from connected parts such as the information system, the decision system, the memorization system and the imagination, design system.

The general system is an approach to urbanize the society following organisation principles that would be structured by technology, information technology. The urbanization of society is not something new. From history, we know that political power has always wanted to organize the political, economical, cultural, religious and even racial life in the society. We shall say that from urbanization of the city, came the progress as we know today, but this is not without risks. This is not without circumstances that lead for example to caste systems or to world war II nazi criminal activities.

This is why today when political power has get a new world wide tool such as Internet we could be interested to know wether such tools would not endanger state organisations, democracy and the human rights values that lead to the lightning innovations of the end of the twentieth century.

Internet has been built in massively distributed way to be able to survive to some nuclear, conventional, cybernetics, … attack. This was massively distributed to avoid integration and uniqueness that always lead to the exploit that compromised the system. To exploit the information system does not always rely on technology, it could be a social exploit, a political exploit, a military exploit, ….

Information systems are structuring for organisation, they shape organisation, they impose models for society. Social Networks such as Facebook or Twitter impose a society model, a society model that could fail if the structuring information system is exploited by some political minority. This could be because the system is integrated and there is some uniqueness of deciders in the rank of police or military power in charge of monitoring the security.

Social urbanization, Information systems urbanization in cultural, professionnal, religious society is something that should be done while keeping in mind that democracy and human rights values are fragile equilibrium supporting innovation and progress. This is why we recommend the use of Free Softwares and more generally of open source technology to build general systems.

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