Open source engineering company SAS systems engineering activities are based on open source technology. The main business is based on Debian Linux with open source web services integration. Despite today no code have been published yet, hope is to have one day an open source community. Several projects could be able to be published but maintainers are necessary. The problem today for me is to find time and hosting for a Linux distribution based on Debian and Php libraries. As I am alone, and as I cross difficulties, it is not affordable for me to set a professional class open source project on Internet. This is why today the source code is not published, but you can contact me if you are interested in some of the projects.
The main operating system project is a flavour of Debian Live which engineering began on the Debian Lenny release and which today is at the Jessie oldstable release.
The other project is an agile engineering web services php library. It consists in inclusion library in several CMS portals to allow agile and quick design of php web applications. The library is modular and the modules collection is expandable to wrap linux shell code or to design a web application from scratch while beneficiating of the Joomla or WordPress source code community.

To contact me you can just email me at if you have hosting space for packages repository and cloud for demos. The operating system project has a business model and is professional class software.

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