french press analytics past years work was on french press analytics. The archiving and indexation of main Internet press portals gave an archive of around 4 Millions press articles. There are analytics in the field of politics, economics, technology, finance and military subjects.

In the field of politics, the main analytics describe the government activities and the political landscape of contemporary France. The main governement metrics could be established from the internet press. The study of these metrics show terrorism war  escalation, economical crisis facts and crimes scenes facts. The foreign affairs of french governement are also interested and we can sum up the geopoplitics position of the foreign policies department with world maps. We also have the political people class human resources management with a visibility on promotion, falls and affairs.

In the field of Military subjects, we have a view on the main international crisis as well as feedback on the in progress military operations. We have also potentials of army and navy from french defence industry. The graph analytics are associated with algorithms that show the trends and that allow detection of early phenomenons, thus detecting birthing crisis and measuring the estimated impact of crisis.

In the field of economics, the metrics of popular economical keywords such as unemployment, syndicates, tax, frauds show the landscape of France economics. The trace of financials flows associated to public or private sectors shows mainly the balance of power as well as corruptions initiatives and poverty level. The commerce deficit analytics are also visible and are associated with brands metrics and marketing campaign technology and funds. To have a comment, the economical crisis is measured in the press with analytics from the overall society.

Concerning the technology of metrics, the graphs come from php svg library such as Google charts and today the graphs are beta releases. The computation power is growing with the amount of data since several years. Today we have around 200gb raw databases. Optimization in the fields of algorithms and technology are foreseen but today the system is miniaturized to the point of efficiency in the field of costs and electricity consumption.

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This graph is a map of countries name keyword hits from last 7 days, last 30 days, … This is a google chart svg graphic.


This screenshot shows the press articles archive.


This graph show the geography metrics of countries name keywords hits in the french press.

This graph is a beta release of the Syrie keyword hits evolution since 2013.


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