Schizophrenia sociology

OA Paintings, Aganippe, Sodibor camp sociology

OA Paintings, Aganippe, Sodibor camp sociology

Today, we will examine one of the research subjects of project. The research subject deals about mental illness sociology, known as schizophrenia. The research subject is labelled as “Sectarian risk and psychiatric risk conjunction”.

First we need to precise what is “schizophrenia”. Schizophrenia is a behavior disorder associated to mind and brain disorder. The subject is very large and we could examine the different patterns of behavior disorder and mind and brain disorder. In some cases the brain or behavior disorder is a prosecution of a behavior that is condemned by religious or sectarian norms instead of being a criminal behavior condemned by laws.

When we talks about schizophrenia sociology we examine the external roots of behavior disorder or brain disorder. First we notice that a brain disorder might be occured by environment, drugs or disease and which induce deficiency in behavior. We need to say that brain weakness due to environment, drugs or disease is at the origin of behavior disorder.

If we now examine only the effect of environment on schizophrenia, we need to settle the drugs or disease roots by reaching no alcohol, no drugs, and sport practicing behavior. At this point we enter the domains of orgy sociology and as far as we know the substitute found in Asia to orgy is meditation. Meditation is mind training and relaxing method which involve daily routine of empowerment of welfare by the mean of gym, relaxation and philosophy. Yoga, meditation come from the early age of shamanism in Asia. Thus practicing meditation and asceticism will let you enter in the field of orgy sociology which is a necessary step to understand the environmental roots of schizophrenia. Orgy sociology is a meeting point of several fields of criminality including the sectarians risk. Alcohol or drugs cooptation mechanisms are one of attractive objects of the orgy.

Thus fighting schizophrenia disorder with meditation and asceticism will separate the environmental roots drugs and brain disease from the other environmental roots. At this point we need to precise an element of Chinese medicine known as Chi, the mind and body energy. Chi energy could be felt by sport exercise or meditation and is known to come from a blood vector. One of meditation target is the accumulation of Chi energy in the brain. Being aware of chi energy is an important step of meditation and is the beginning of a new environment awareness and especially orgy. This is also an important step to understand the United States Hollywood movie sociology in which nightmare and fictions take an important place.

Legends from Asia about meditation often talk about Chi energy thief attacks to the boddhisatva people. In Occidental countries we now miracles from healer, that correspond to body energy displacement. The move of chi energy in space is a miracle recorded in China several years ago by ascetic Daoists. This is why we can add another environmental root of schizophrenia to drugs and brain disease which is chi energy loss.

Having discovered a third environmental root of schizophrenia disorder that rely on chinese medicine concepts, let us do extrapolation on the technology, the author of chi energy loss causing schizophrenia. At this point we enter criminology, criminology of labor, criminology of sects and we can settle that there is a conjunction of sectarian risk and psychiatric risk.

Concerning our personal position, we send a testimonial to international criminal court and to Rouen and Nanterre High court and we try to reach french social sciences researchers as this a social sciences Phd research thesis subject.

We will develop in another post later, the sociology of schizophrenia in conjunction with military risks.

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