Linux Intranet Nomad Server Linux Intranet Nomad Server activities began with open source engineering of LAMP (Linux Apache Mysql Php) solutions. When usb live linux distribution arrived on the market several years ago, we found interesting to separate the hard drive technology from the server technology. This gave the birth to Cooperation-iws nomad server operating system. A Linux server with the ability to boot on usb key or usb hardrive. From the network side, the ability to build a turn key intranet solutions with an Intranet Domain name without registration authority was interesting to reduce maintenance and administration costs.

Today the Linux Intranet Nomad Server is based on Debian. The main features are:

  1. This is live distribution with only read write access to the mandatory conf or data files. This means the major part of the operating system is read only. This reduce administration and maintenance tasks and as this is live technology the system boot as virtual image in the cloud or as real system on different kind of servers hardware. This is a key element of the system availability and reliability.
  2. This is an intranet server with automated configuration of the Intranet Domain name. The Bind server is associated to the Dhcp server to produce Intranet network with network services such as web, ftp, files sharing, domains, …
  3. The operating system is generated with scripts and Web interface, meaning you configure your operating system with a web interface and then you download the image to install on drive as virtual image or as bootable operating system. This give the possibility to generate several systems quickly while recording the configuration of the system. This also gave the possibility to have handy backup of the system.
  4. There is an app store with the operating system generator web interface. This means you choose the system web, professional, client applications and the operating system is a turn key image with the installed applications.

Today is looking to set the project on internet with the source code. It requires packages files hosting, web application hosting and computation power for the generator. If you are interested by the system you can contact me at or on social networks at


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