Telepathy technology, a brief introduction

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Today we will speak about one subject which is at the heart of engineering lab studies. Telepathy technology is encountered at while measuring the France Homeland Security theater with the decision system project. In France Telepathy is a side effect of mental illness called schizophrenia.

At lab we decided to study schizophrenia in the field of social sciences. Today one of the particular effect of schizophrenia is to hear telepathy voices and to receive external information, sound, image on the mental perception. But we need first to explain what is the mental perception. Human people have several perceptions, the hearing, the taste, the sight, the touch, … and the mental perception. Mental perception is a brain capacity to simulate the sight, the hearing, … and this is the perception that allow dreams. The dreams during the night are carried on the mental perception.

Thus telepathy is a capacity to displace mental perception from one body to another body. Chinese medicine have found the concept of Chi energy, the brain and body energy. This gave acupuncture application and Taï Chi and meditation  sport to stay in good health while being aware of the Chi energy displacement in the body.

Thus encountering telepathy in the field of schizophrenia study shows one of the external environmental roots of schizophrenia. At we encountered several phenomenon associated to schizophrenia which are telepathy, mediums, and hypnotizers. The theater of experiments is my desk or my garden. The telepathy phenomenon is a known and historical phenomenon which is kept in the field of legends and mythology.

As we introduce it the knowledge of the Chi energy is the key element to understand telepathy, mediums and hypnotizers. We experiment at several kind of chi energy displacement, including inside and outside effects which usually take the shape of a kind of blasted athmosphear.

The experiments theater concerned by historical observations is the garden and we found in celtic mythology, references to the vegetal ecosystem war theater. An essential element to understand is the association of war theater, operations theater to the landscape by the telepathy faculties owner in the area of Le Havre (Normandy).

Concerning the study of schizophrenia there are other elements to study that are related to telepathy which is the stress management inside the body. The stress management could be learn by sport or meditation and this a key factor to understand the environmental effects of stress.

We could develop later in another post the hypnotizers  and schizophrenia behaviors in the operations theater.

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