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Top 10 Political people ranking, last 30 days hits

Top 10 Political people ranking, Item weight hits


These graphs are a ranking of political people names keywords hits in the French press articles title around October 2017. This is the top 10 influencing french political people in the press. They are taken from software.

As we can see there is an omnipresence of the french president Emmanuel Macron and the comparative study show there is only one opinion leader. If we have a restrictive view on the in place governmental political people we see that there is also a medias domination of the president on the other ministers.

The first graph show the Top 10 last 30 days hits in articles title and the second graph show the Top 10 daily weight in articles title. The weight is a ponderation algorithm that take data from past and that show the trends. This is a detection of the coming medias impacts.

Conclusions of the graphs show there is a political communications management in the french press which is located at the Elysée, the President location. Conclusions of the graph also show that there is an image deficit for political people with very few popular political people.

We can add to these previous two remarks that United States political communications since several tenth of years has a substitute to political people fame which is the artists and actors popularity as well as the marketing of the United States brands. This is not the case in France where artists and actors have also a popularity deficit.

We will develop later in another post the fame mechanisms of french press that apply to people and brands and that are associated with the fundings of the fame.

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