Economical crisis 2009. International criminal court claim.

Dante et Virgil, Mus√©e d’Orsay record the archives of French Press since 2013. But the work of began around 2009 at the beginning of France economical crisis.

The diagnosis of France economical crisis has not been evaluated in public opinion medias as criminal activities conjunction coming from globalization but rather as a France deficiency due to unidentified external conditions. As we were working on the birth of decision system working on the french press archives around 2009, it was obvious for us that economical crisis in France was a conjunction of collective intelligence in the fields of economics, technology and politics who took strategical decisions that induce economical crisis. These decisions could be assimilated in some cases to criminality. This why it let us do the inference of the presence of war crimes during 2009 economical crisis.

Later around 2014, the France crimes scenes recorded by let us confirm abnormal and suspect quantity of crimes, including crimes against humanity in the France territory. The study of psychiatry sociology associated to criminology also gave us some recognizable patterns of criminality we found in french press articles.

This is why when working on project we send a testimonial to International criminal court dealing about war crimes and crimes against humanity  in contemporary France between 2009 and today.

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