Strategic analysis and political communications analysis reports strategic analysis and political communications begin around 2009, working on the image in the press of french ministers and president during the Nicolas Sarkozy mandate. The analysis of in the field of economics, arts, philosophy have been sollicited by a military collaboration. From the political communications and strategic analysis came the decision system project. analysis were used for french economical crisis, for Lybia military intervention and for Syria military intervention between 2009 and 2012.

The effect of political communications could be seen on Internet press articles, on french scientific publications, on library shelves. It could also be seen on hardware technology shelves of Le Havre area and some internet shops.

Today and since 2009 it is important to say that the collaboration was not paid, and we tried to reach DGSI and finally Rouen and Nanterre High court.

It is also important to say that produced analysis that were used during electoral campaign 2012 and that were re-used during electoral campaign 2017.

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