Schizophrenia international criminal court claim

Observatoire de la santé publique. Statistiques de la presse Française. lab study schizophrenia sociology since around 2005. The Schizophrenia sociology thesis of are backed by engineering degree related to economics and by research activities in the field of sociology coming from Max Weber work.

Schizophrenia sociology have been studied by In Vivo position and by french press articles database analysis. The study of Schizophrenia sociology show external environmental roots of Schizophrenia, apart from drugs addiction or brain disease. The external roots of schizophrenia have been mentioned in a previous post as the sectarian origin of chi energy loss.

While studying the criminality associated to schizophrenia in french press articles database we could examine some family drama of schizophren son who kills his mother or a schizophren mother who kills her children. We could also examine in United States the case of gunshot associated to mental illness. Some other cases in a lesser severity show school teachers blame for having misconduct political debate in classroom or salary men blame and prosecution in the medias. These later cases are interesting despite they are not in proper words “schizophrenia case”. We could also mentionned the suicidal tendencies of salary men at France Telecom, more generally in industry, in army and police and amongst farmers.

The overall cases of premature deaths which are in the french press articles database shows emergence of patterns of schizophrenia sociology. If we add the explanation of schizophrenia environmental roots of sectarian chi energy loss we start to describe crimes against humanity instead of describing an unexplained premature death.

The collective intelligences that are related to schizophrenia sociology we can notice in french press articles database  let us also think there is industrialization of schizophrenia. This means schizophrenia sociology and schizophrenia diagnosis are not a new concept, these are concepts that have been theorized and industrialized, surely at military lab. This is why we can add the convictions of war crimes to schizophrenia case and in more extends to mental illness cases roots.

Concerning our position we send a testimonial to International criminal court on schizophrenia and economical crisis, as well as at Rouen and Nanterre high court. We notice that French social sciences publication of EHESS are working on the same subjects and we also notice that Hollywood movies sociology is also working on these subjects.

Occurence des mots clefs relatifs au suicide dans la presse française. version beta

Occurence des mots clefs relatifs à la psychiatrie dans la presse française. Version beta




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