lab is an open source engineering company, in other words this is a laboratory that work on Information technology. The fields of work of are the strategic analysis and the political communications.’s main projects are decision system and Cooperation-iws operating system. These two systems of software are backed by social sciences research which should have been validated by Phd. This is not the case today but this is backed by the education of Olivier Avenel with two master degrees.

  1. is an Internet press archiver and analyser
  2. Cooperation-iws operating system is a Linux Intranet Nomad Server project.

The social sciences research of Cooperation-iws are carried in the fields of medias and political sociology and also in the fields of schizophrenia sociology. It produces two other activities of political communications and strategic analysis.

The activities of political communication and strategic analysis are conducted with the software and produce three applied projects of research in these domains:

  1. The activity of sociological and geometrical paintings which could be seen at
  2. The activity of Bonsaïs farm which could also be seen at
  3. The activity of dj which is in progress and which has a domain: . The activity of Dj have been conducted at desk without public exhibition. Paintings Bonsais Farm

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