hardware test began software engineering on low costs AMD chips. Today we are currently testing the HP proliant DL580g5 and HP proliant DL580g7. These are units of 4U with 4 processors and 128Gb ram with a respective price below 500 euros and 1000 euros.

The HP proliant DL580g5 is too old technology with DDR2 ram, it is why we switch to DL580g7. Today the server is at full load and this gave us the possibility to design new data mining features to the french press articles database.

HP proliant DL580g5

HP proliant DL580g7

The load of the server is recorded with the Munin software supervision.The architecture of the data mining archives is based on two mysql servers and a web front end and monitor server.

Mysql server 1 load                    

Mysql server 2 load

Monitor and Web frontend server

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