OA Paintings, sociological and geometrical paintings


Cooperation-iws.com activity of paintings is named OA Paintings. The paintings are geometrical and symbolic. They describe a social sciences concept or an artificial intelligence concept. Sometimes it describes a collective intelligence, sometimes it describes a mind phenomenon which should be evoked by the paintings.

The paintings are associated with electronic music and the inspiration comes from psychedelic concepts that have been theorized and examined under the lights of sciences.

The previous main subjects of OA Paintings were the media tactics we could see on Internet and more generally sociological concept of the birth of Internet around the years 2000-2005.

Political sociology is also interested, sometimes dealing about nation’s building concept that are missing on the France political scenes.

The web site of OA Paintings is http://oa-paintings.cooperation-iws.org

There is also a Facebook page and a Twitter page.

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