Nazi activity on the contemporary France territory

Occurences des mots clefs nazi dans la presse fran├žaise. version beta

Concerning the criminology analytics of, we were surprised to find a continuous activity on the nazi keyword hits in french press articles titles. This is why we are writing this post to have a track of nazi activity we recorded at

  • We found unusual nazi apologies in the France regional library shelves with numerous books on World War II nazi activity.
  • From the analysis of events in the press we found since 2009 nazi activities in the french army with extreme right general doing politics, we found also nazi activity in Netherland merchant navy
  • As we said we found nazi activity in the French press
  • We found nazi activity in the extreme right attentats such as Breivik attentat and recently political assassination threats arrested by french police
  • We found nazi activity at Rouen with suicidal and assassination tendencies of extreme right that occured in the Rouen cathedral
  • We found nazi activities with the Hilan Halimi affair which shows up recently


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