Terrorism war escalation since 2013 on the France territory

Homeland security analytics since 2013. Beta release

Cooperation-iws.com strategic analysis activities began on Tunisia and Lybia military intervention. Since then numerous events have occured and today France has numerous terrorism acts of war on its territory.

The graph above shows the escalation of attentats since 2013. The graph decribe the attentat keyword hit in the French press articles titles. We see there are some peaks of activities around Christmas 2014 and Christmas 2015.

Concerning the landscape of war terrorism in France, this is not obvious to have a delimited frontier between occident and muslim terrorism. We see notably there are terrorism acts from occidental extreme right people and we know that France has almost unilateral trade relation with Qatar which will conduct the football mondial of 2023. We know also that United States president Donald Trump is having good relations with middle east countries. This is why the dreamt civilisation conflict between muslim and christians does not occur. The terrorism war has not for the moment the aspect of a crusade and this is why both extreme right and muslim terrorism acts are severe against moderate population.

The graph are for the moment beta release and Umbrella-ds.com is now working with new server on the completion of the graph.

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