On the nazi extermination camp technology

Occurences des mots clefs nazi dans la presse française. version beta

Today we will talk about an application of telepathy technology. The chi energy displacement  associated to labor and to the particular case of labor, slavery.

We notice in the telepathy experiment at Cooperation-iws.com desk the consumption of chi energy associated to labor. This is a particular case of cannibalism which is associated with slavery. On the Cooperation-iws.com telepathy experiment we notice that exogenous chi energy consumption is a root of schizophrenia. We explain it by unknown exogenous stress that consume the brain equanimity. We found in the Umbrella-ds.com french press articles database some cases of slavery in the contemporary France but we also found some case of suicidal tendencies at the work place. The suicidal tendencies at the work place are numerous in the contemporary France.

The assumptions of telepathy technology with a massive chi energy displacement causing schizophrenia and suicidal tendencies is found in the Le Havre place area. As far as we know experiments of both slavery, extermination were conducted during world war II, in extermination camp. This is why we made also the assumption that extermination camps still exist at the work place in contemporary France.

Concerning the exact match of slavery, cannibalism and extermination, the french press articles database of Umbrella-ds.com show emergence of collective intelligence, and analytics of premature death. The pattern of slavery become to be obvious with France industrial organisation and economical crisis 2009. The pattern of cannibalism is not obvious, it is dissimulated under the case of suicidal tendencies and schizophrenia. The pattern of extermination shows numerous case of accidents and premature deaths which are related to a lack of knowledge empowerment in contemporary France. This means there is exploit of information asymmetry on France population, probably at military level.

We tried to contact Simon Wiesenthal center as well as France Israël Embassy concerning our personal position and to have correlation on Umbrella-ds.com nazi analytics.

For more information you can contact me at olivier.avenel@free.fr or on social networks http://www.cooperation-iws.com

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