On France trade deficit

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The France trade deficit is not something new, in 2016 it was at 48 billions euros. The France trade deficit is at the root of the french economical crisis.

If we examine in concrete facts what shapes the France trade deficit, we see that France has no more control of its Supply Chain in numerous technological subjects. We see in the Umbrella-ds.com french press articles database that french industrial organization has lose the french territory sovereignty, notably while establishing out of territory factories.

The value and money accumulation has not occurred in France since a lot of time and the public policies of the past governments aggravated the trade deficit in the fields of technology and finance.

The world best in class of the trade deficit are Germany and China because they reach the trade surplus while having localized their industry on their territory.

The Umbrella-ds.com french press database records the financial flows of France related industry and today we can see that the trade deficit concept is no more accurate  to describe the France economical position. To describe the France economical position it is necessary to examine industrial organisations in the field of technology and Finance. We need also to have a look on France Urbanization. The distribution chain is also interested with effort since 2012 to improve French products selling.

One of the key factor of the french products sales is the Internet marketing and we have seen with Umbrella-ds.com analytics on marketing that France brands do not master the internet marketing. The main elements of Internet marketing which are the internet technology and the fundings of the brand fame escape to France sovereignty.

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