Whistleblowing with source sûre Media Portal

Dear reader,

I apologize before for this post but it is necessary to write it. First we need to mention Cooperation-iws.com is pro business and therefore not necessary in a rebel state of mind.

To explain the problem we need to say Cooperation-iws.com works on Internet French press archiving and analytics with the Umbrella-ds.com project. As we found unusual quantity of crimes in the french press articles database, as Cooperation-iws.com project founder Olivier Avenel is involved in schizophrenia kind of recruitment process in the fields of political communications since 2009 coming from french military education we found usefull to contact the source sure https://secure.sourcesure.eu/ media news portal that is connected with main french media agencies to inform them of Cooperation-iws.com and Umbrella-ds.com project position.

Today we have acknowledgement from the portal that the files we upload at source sûre are viewed by media agencies. There is no concrete reaction despite we mention the presence of war crimes and crimes against humanity on the France territory and particularly in the Le Havre area recorded by the Umbrella-ds.com analytics and by Olivier Avenel position.

Today the contact with source sûre is a way point of Umbrella-ds.com project toward financial fundings and earning.

We need also to precise that schizophrenia sociology is described in the testimonial Cooperation-iws.com sent to source sure and that schizophrenia sociology involved awareness of nazi war crimes and crimes against humanity and particularly of mutant phenomenon of telepathy.

For more information you might contact me at olivier.avenel@free.fr or at http://www.cooperation-iws.com




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