Whistleblowing with source sure media portal(2)

Since few weeks we send the files of testimonial we sent first to cour d’appel de Rouen, tribunal de grande instance to the Source sûre Media Portal. We notice no reaction neither from police, neither from journalists.

Inside my mother’s house where I live at Montivilliers near Le Havre, I experiment 24h/24 and 7d/7 the promiscuous of hypnotizers with telepathic effect. Concerning the concrete facts, I hear voice report from military agencies working with my knowledge and my softwares from my company. I have also energy transfert, meaning this is not just telepathy but also telekinesis with object teleportation. Concerning the House there is regular energetic sample of my body and my brain that is transfert into the surrounding streets and into other body with assumption of medical trafic. The effect is a blast in my desk and also gaz transfert with drugs. You guess it I live with telepathic vampires in my mother house and my mother don’t know it.

There is continuous watch of my devices (laptop, mobile, servers) with vnc kind of monitoring as well as a probably established intelligence watch on Twitter, Google and Instagram with interaction from users and software administration (twitter, google).

I had also times to times medical care during the night at home.

It is also necessary to precise that the medical care follow me when I travel.

Today I have no revenue except a pension for handicap for schizophrenia I negotiate with psychiatrists.


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