On Cooperation-iws.com

Cooperation-iws.com is an open source company with consulting activities. The open source projects of Cooperation-iws.com are a Debian flavour of operating system and Umbrella-ds.com, a decision system project working on french press analytics.

Despite working since several years, Cooperation-iws.com has not yet earned any financial turnover due to ghost political staff collaboration at Montivilliers.

Cooperation-iws.com is also developping others activities in the field of artistic work, as paintings and dj activities of electronic music.

Financial turnover is foreseen as the 9/02/2018 coming from french governmental agencies or ghost political staff without for the moment any official reactions to the source sûre and Rouen cour d’appel testimonial.

For more info or booking you might contact Cooperation-iws.com SAS president olivier.avenel@free.fr


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