Military sect methodology at Montivilliers company is located at Montivilliers, Normandy, France since 2007. report the conjunction of psychiatric risk, sectarian risk and military risk coming from Olivier Avenel education and professional experience in defence industry and in merchant navy. project of decision system is an application of upper military school training software for tactical staff.

The report of on sectarian risk at Montivilliers shows the presence of extreme right sect networks with merchant navy located at the Le Havre place. report also the presence of DRM sects network as well as a probably association of DGSI sects network coming from defence industry. Extreme right female milice networks are also reported.

We should be reassure of the place security but this is not fully the case coming from political debate amongst security ranks, notably concerning Benoit XVI dismiss and Jean Marie Lepen dismiss as well as DSK, Manuel Valls and Fran├žois Hollande dismiss.

The testimonial of Montivilliers sects activity has been sent to Rouen Tribunal de Grande Instance.

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