On Cooperation-iws.com position at Montivilliers

Cooperation-iws.com project founder report criminal activities on the neighborhood of the company location. Medical traffic in buddhist and mutant energy is reported with medical telekinesis. Hypnotizer wargame with sacrifice is reported in the garden and the desk of Cooperation-iws.com.

Electronic based telepathy warfare is reported at Cooperation-iws.com desk with the presence of sonic blast.

Gaz warfare is also reported near Cooperation-iws.com desk.

Telepathic ass sensor with telepathic rape is also reported with a frequency of several tenth a day eating the positive morning energy. Telepathic struggle and berserker symptoms are also reported.

Scientific research centers bashing is reported. Mail and phone filtering is reported.

Justice networks of Rouen Tribunal de Grande Instance is renowned under guardianship of Montivilliers neighborhood sects with no reaction to schizophrenia testimonial.



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