On the russian connections of the ghost political staff

Russian connections of ghost tactical staff working at Montivilliers exist since around 2011.

The russian connections of the internet press based ghost political staff are at the origin of the cold war with Russia resorption whith notably Donald Trump United States president affairs.

The russian connection began with Cooperation-iws.com international affairs consulting working for french republican political party around 2010-2011. Some Vladimir Poutine communications tactics in french press since then show the pattern of Cooperation-iws.com work.

Concerning french rogue intelligence service with Russia, the Le Havre location provide dangerous aspect of Nazi and Russian work camp with the fascist intelligence network failure and revenge.

We know french extreme right political party and french bank Société Générale beneficiated of the Russian economy and cold war resorption associated with Cooperation-iws.com based diplomacy.

Today at Cooperation-iws.com the work is based on pension for handicap funding with perspective of neurological damage to confirm schizophrenia diagnosis of Le Havre place and Cooperation-iws.com project founder work is currently being sucked by local maffia.

For more info or booking you might contact Cooperation-iws.com SAS president olivier.avenel@free.fr



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