On Cooperation-iws.com risk survey

Concerning the lack of reaction of Rouen Cour d’appel of Tribunal de Grande Instance and the lack of reactions of journalists, the lack of reaction of embassies it is necessary to mention that Cooperation-iws.com location is in a no law area at Montivilliers.

The no law area in France could be mentioned as a right to proceed to illegal activities.

I shall also mentioned the danger which comes from fascists, from prostitution, from political deciders dismiss, from intelligence service of dictactorship …

The risk of Cooperation-iws.com is military, political, economical, psychiatric, that could end with neurological damage in psychiatric hospital for example.

Therefore I shall mentionned that Cooperation-iws.com initial target was business and that Cooperation-iws.com position show that danger of France business is high.

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