On Cooperation-iws.com buddhism practices

Cooperation-iws.com project founder learnt buddhist philosophy in dharma. He learnt several kinds of meditations including seating, lying and taïchi meditations.

The main philosophy of buddhism of Olivier Avenel comes from Tibetan, Japanese and Chinese books translated into french.

Olivier Avenel is also practising asceticism with no drugs, no alcohol diets since several tenth of years.

Today Olivier Avenel position with Buddhism practice is to reduce meditation practice to develop social networks. We shall say that the Buddhism practice of Olivier Avenel lead to discover origins of telepathy warfare and telepathic civil war in the area of Le Havre which is a blocking to the Buddhism practice. We shall also mentioned that Buddhism practices develop awareness of medical origin of schizophrenia, depression and also probably Alzheimer diseases.

We shall mentioned that after Benoit XVI dismiss, Cooperation-iws.com has been consulted by the internet press based ghost political staff for the Pope Francis political communication strategy based on Cooperation-iws.com knowledge of Buddhism. Since then the efforts toward peace communication of the Pope Francis have the pattern of Buddhism philosophy in french press.

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