A message to french military intelligence service (DRM)

Concerning the Umbrella-ds.com project which began in 2009 during economical crisis after a consulting work with detached DRM officers in Defence industry for the Mentor tactical staff training software, I shall say that Cooperation-iws.com position is very disappointing.

The Umbrella-ds.com project work began with severe back injuries and a lack of Sport practice coming from the lack of sport hygiene of Mediterranean upper french military officers. Today in 2018, there is still no turnover despite the telepathic ghost political staff mentioned the clone of the Project in underground securized military base.

Today Olivier Avenel position is to struggle with rogue extreme right intelligence service of Le Havre place who desserve assumptions of political assassination and attentats with a pension for handicap as funding and family security in charge.

The telepathic ghost political staff has turn to a sado masochist telepathic military offense with dictatorship technology training.

Strategical military suicide have been reported concerning Daesh France military operations.

There is still a rogue intelligence service racket of France Defence agencies with example of Microsoft open bar contract at DGA.

French female milice of Bretagne had Islam commitment.

Cooperation-iws.com position at Montivilliers struggle with cannibalism in France 2018.

I guess you understand the disappointment.

For contact http://www.cooperation-iws.com


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