OA Paintings, meditation paintings


OA paintings comes from social sciences interest in the field of anthropology, sociology and Buddhism.

The paintings are made with oil paintings and takes several months to be achieved. They reflect a sociological concept that comes from lying meditation technics on the sapience perfections.

Today OA Paintings face several difficulties to continue working on paintings and this is why OA Paintings is currently looking to test other methodologies and other places to work.

At Montivilliers, near Le Havre, the OA Paintings concept face local paintings history difficulties which could be seen at the Malraux Museum of Le Havre. The paintings technics of the area show the stigmata of raw and rude environment.

OA Paintings would like to work with Parisian state of mind and this is not the case at Montivilliers where we are in a telepathic war theater.

For more info or contact http://oa-paintings.cooperation-iws.org



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