A message to the Centre Simon Wiesenthal Europe

Dear reader,

I try to contact the Centre Simon Wiesenthal Europe, the France Israël embassy and the CRIF to report my position of schizophrenia. I did not have your answer but I see some reactions from Israël on my website traffic.

The position of Olivier Avenel concerning schizophrenia at the Le Havre place is backed by engineering degrees and french press articles on schizophrenia criminality.

I do not know why you did not answer but today police does not answer and journalists do not answer concerning the aryan cannibalism of Le Havre area and the presence of war crimes in economy and crimes against humanity in french press. I could quote examples from press of schizophren mother in Bretagne who kills her children and or schizophren son who kills his mother despite today my level of meditation says this comes from exogenous hypnotizer (aryan) cannibalism. French police people, military people, teachers, farmers have suicidal tendencies also coming from exogenous stress misunderstanding and today I am alone to protest in my desk with no answer and telepathic sado masochist game from military hypnotizer.

My level of meditation is available for jewish people who learnt Chinese philosophy, I guess you have really good doctors in Israël who could understand what I am saying.

My schizophrenia position in Le Havre gives me the view on Le Havre people who shows the same stigmata I have. In the street, in the shop, to the doctor I see people victims of aryan cannibalism. The aryan cannibalism is an extreme right political party pathology and there is also assumptions that the telepathic monday stress of the area comes from industrial building. This is relevant to war crimes and crimes against humanity similar to World War II genocide.

I hope you will read me, because I saw criminality against jewish people in the press that show stigmata I have today.

The subject is close to France economical crisis and I tried to contact Israël embassy research department because I also worked on economics and sociology of Europe economical crisis.

For contact olivier.avenel@free.fr


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