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Today I was looking for news about dedicated servers for rental. A dedicated server is a machine you rent in a data center with large broadband. A dedicated server is better than a simple web hosting but you need to be advanced user to be able to administrate your machine. It offers more features than the simple web hosting as you may install whatever softwares you want on your server. Security concerns needs to be more aware in the administrator mind but this is what is called an advanced “Linux” User.

Let’s say we are looking for money making in the field of Internet startups by being a proud competitor of Twitter: This is only an example as Cooperation-iws software are beyond the scope of a single communication tool like Twitter, despite Twitter is a very large audience tool.


So we choose a dedicated server with sufficient amount of RAM memory and processors to be able to kick up the company without being in a short availability as the audience grow up. The server is a dedibox server from with 128Gb RAM, 16 processors, 9 To disk space, unlimited trafic and 300MB/sec broadband . The cost is 289€/month rental. We could have the marketing at this webpage: This kind of server is more powerfull than the IBM mainframe of 2004.


Now we are looking for a software and we will choose, a free open source software that run on, the opensource competitor of Twitter.

Having already tested the installation of the software on our intranet software, we could say that the install process is easy for any IT technician that has two years studies of Linux IT technology.


So we have some cost of around 300€ for hardware and broadband rental and 0€ for software acquisition and maintenance price (free open source software). We could even upgrade to a professional support of when times come if the company business model is of this kind.

For human resources administration costs let’s say we are part time employed elsewhere to kick up the project and we do it alone for free, or another suggestion, that we’d rather administrate a linux server than zoning in the street.

Now we will look on the cash we could have from such project.

Let’s say we need to grow up to national audience and today the only national competitor is Twitter a foreign company project. So we will advertise in profesionnal social network like Viadeo, Linkedin, Xing, even Facebook by joining professional groups.

The main cash generation come from the audience and the data, customer feed freely in the software. So with audience we could make some commercial marketing and advertising by joining avertising distributor (french or foreign). Google marketing is not the kind of commercial advertising we would choose as the formatted way of advertising is not enough customizable and as it substitute our brand by the google brand which is also a kind of competitor.

Audience could also be interesting for public or private partnership. For example we know that Twitter’s twit would surely be archived in US congress library.

We could even dream of a defence partnership for high availabily communication around the world serving french foreign policy interests.


Now we are dreaming and wondering why nobody’s get the idea before …

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