Cooperation-iws knowledge system philosophy


Cooperation-iws knowledge system demo is online since few weeks now (, and we will explain the philosophy and the purpose behind the tools.

Let’s first explain, in relatively brief manner, the theoretical fundations of the knowledge system. We need to say we adapt the work of Jean Louis Lemoigne on general system to produce separate and new components to the original way Jean Louis Lemoigne describe the general system. This was done after noticing the information progress to knowledge and decision: data -> information -> knowledge -> decision.

The structurating purpose of the knowledge system is to facilitate learning in the field of sciences, and especially in the field of social sciences, who are sometimes at the same level of complexity as mathematical studies. This is a structurating purpose because we can see in scientific reviews about learning, that human kind learned to build tools but also that tools and environment interactions make the mind evolution. So when I was interested to grab theoretical fundations during my professional experience in order to be admitted in Phd scholarship, I began to use open source information technology to settle my intellectual thinking and learning. This was around 2006 and today my knowledge system is a memory of my brain’s health and performance but this is also with the whole Cooperation-iws system which relies on open source intranet web server, a repository of my artistic, professional and scientific intellectual work.

As we will certainly produce a Phd thesis on the subject, we have just introduce it shortly and we will now proceed to explain the philosophy of the content of the knowledge system.

First we need to say that the knowledge system is dedicated to intranet personal server. This is not a research briefs publishing system but rather, a tool to facilitate learning in the field of sciences. The Cooperation-iws knowledge system is a demonstration and a snapshot of the real knowledge system which run at home, protected from security and privacy inquisition.

The knowledge system is aimed to live several years or decades, this is why we choose open source technology with large communities, professional class engineering and a complete compliance to web standards such as a LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, Php) server, and CMS system such as WordPress.

On the semantic side I structurate the information so that it match my scientific interests and produce a knowledge aggregation that lead to easy the writing of my research thesis. To sum up I needed to organize and archive my notes for several years of work.
We choose to divide the knowledge system into three separate repositories to avoid having a huge single storage of information, these repositories are:

The best image which describe the knowledge system is that this is a mirror for my brain, to keep it fit and in good health. Buddhist call it ignorance, Psychiatrist call it anosognosia, the aim of the knowledge system is to produce a mind building tool to improve its performance and fight the effects of these “so called” diseases.

If you followed me until here, you surely understood that you can’t leave a snapshot of your brain, of your intellectual faculties during several years, just like that on internet, for everyone to look at it, except maybe if you are an exhibitionist. This is why we introduce later the concept of Cooperation-iws Intranet Nomad Web server in another post when we will succeed to find sponsorship for the projects. For the moment you might still have a look at this promotional papers about the subject:

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