lab is an open source engineering company, in other words this is a laboratory that work on Information technology. The fields of work of are the strategic analysis and the political communications.’s main projects are decision system and Cooperation-iws operating system. These two systems of software are backed by social sciences research which should have been validated by Phd. This is not the case today but this is backed by the education of Olivier Avenel with two master degrees.

  1. is an Internet press archiver and analyser
  2. Cooperation-iws operating system is a Linux Intranet Nomad Server project.

The social sciences research of Cooperation-iws are carried in the fields of medias and political sociology and also in the fields of schizophrenia sociology. It produces two other activities of political communications and strategic analysis.

The activities of political communication and strategic analysis are conducted with the software and produce three applied projects of research in these domains:

  1. The activity of sociological and geometrical paintings which could be seen at
  2. The activity of Bonsaïs farm which could also be seen at
  3. The activity of dj which is in progress and which has a domain: . The activity of Dj have been conducted at desk without public exhibition. Paintings Bonsais Farm

Economical crisis 2009. International criminal court claim.

Dante et Virgil, Musée d’Orsay record the archives of French Press since 2013. But the work of began around 2009 at the beginning of France economical crisis.

The diagnosis of France economical crisis has not been evaluated in public opinion medias as criminal activities conjunction coming from globalization but rather as a France deficiency due to unidentified external conditions. As we were working on the birth of decision system working on the french press archives around 2009, it was obvious for us that economical crisis in France was a conjunction of collective intelligence in the fields of economics, technology and politics who took strategical decisions that induce economical crisis. These decisions could be assimilated in some cases to criminality. This why it let us do the inference of the presence of war crimes during 2009 economical crisis.

Later around 2014, the France crimes scenes recorded by let us confirm abnormal and suspect quantity of crimes, including crimes against humanity in the France territory. The study of psychiatry sociology associated to criminology also gave us some recognizable patterns of criminality we found in french press articles.

This is why when working on project we send a testimonial to International criminal court dealing about war crimes and crimes against humanity  in contemporary France between 2009 and today.

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French press analytics, political people management

Top 10 Political people ranking, last 30 days hits

Top 10 Political people ranking, Item weight hits


These graphs are a ranking of political people names keywords hits in the French press articles title around October 2017. This is the top 10 influencing french political people in the press. They are taken from software.

As we can see there is an omnipresence of the french president Emmanuel Macron and the comparative study show there is only one opinion leader. If we have a restrictive view on the in place governmental political people we see that there is also a medias domination of the president on the other ministers.

The first graph show the Top 10 last 30 days hits in articles title and the second graph show the Top 10 daily weight in articles title. The weight is a ponderation algorithm that take data from past and that show the trends. This is a detection of the coming medias impacts.

Conclusions of the graphs show there is a political communications management in the french press which is located at the Elysée, the President location. Conclusions of the graph also show that there is an image deficit for political people with very few popular political people.

We can add to these previous two remarks that United States political communications since several tenth of years has a substitute to political people fame which is the artists and actors popularity as well as the marketing of the United States brands. This is not the case in France where artists and actors have also a popularity deficit.

We will develop later in another post the fame mechanisms of french press that apply to people and brands and that are associated with the fundings of the fame.

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Telepathy technology, a brief introduction

OA Paintings.

Today we will speak about one subject which is at the heart of engineering lab studies. Telepathy technology is encountered at while measuring the France Homeland Security theater with the decision system project. In France Telepathy is a side effect of mental illness called schizophrenia.

At lab we decided to study schizophrenia in the field of social sciences. Today one of the particular effect of schizophrenia is to hear telepathy voices and to receive external information, sound, image on the mental perception. But we need first to explain what is the mental perception. Human people have several perceptions, the hearing, the taste, the sight, the touch, … and the mental perception. Mental perception is a brain capacity to simulate the sight, the hearing, … and this is the perception that allow dreams. The dreams during the night are carried on the mental perception.

Thus telepathy is a capacity to displace mental perception from one body to another body. Chinese medicine have found the concept of Chi energy, the brain and body energy. This gave acupuncture application and Taï Chi and meditation  sport to stay in good health while being aware of the Chi energy displacement in the body.

Thus encountering telepathy in the field of schizophrenia study shows one of the external environmental roots of schizophrenia. At we encountered several phenomenon associated to schizophrenia which are telepathy, mediums, and hypnotizers. The theater of experiments is my desk or my garden. The telepathy phenomenon is a known and historical phenomenon which is kept in the field of legends and mythology.

As we introduce it the knowledge of the Chi energy is the key element to understand telepathy, mediums and hypnotizers. We experiment at several kind of chi energy displacement, including inside and outside effects which usually take the shape of a kind of blasted athmosphear.

The experiments theater concerned by historical observations is the garden and we found in celtic mythology, references to the vegetal ecosystem war theater. An essential element to understand is the association of war theater, operations theater to the landscape by the telepathy faculties owner in the area of Le Havre (Normandy).

Concerning the study of schizophrenia there are other elements to study that are related to telepathy which is the stress management inside the body. The stress management could be learn by sport or meditation and this a key factor to understand the environmental effects of stress.

We could develop later in another post the hypnotizers  and schizophrenia behaviors in the operations theater.

To contact lab: Linux Intranet Nomad Server Linux Intranet Nomad Server activities began with open source engineering of LAMP (Linux Apache Mysql Php) solutions. When usb live linux distribution arrived on the market several years ago, we found interesting to separate the hard drive technology from the server technology. This gave the birth to Cooperation-iws nomad server operating system. A Linux server with the ability to boot on usb key or usb hardrive. From the network side, the ability to build a turn key intranet solutions with an Intranet Domain name without registration authority was interesting to reduce maintenance and administration costs.

Today the Linux Intranet Nomad Server is based on Debian. The main features are:

  1. This is live distribution with only read write access to the mandatory conf or data files. This means the major part of the operating system is read only. This reduce administration and maintenance tasks and as this is live technology the system boot as virtual image in the cloud or as real system on different kind of servers hardware. This is a key element of the system availability and reliability.
  2. This is an intranet server with automated configuration of the Intranet Domain name. The Bind server is associated to the Dhcp server to produce Intranet network with network services such as web, ftp, files sharing, domains, …
  3. The operating system is generated with scripts and Web interface, meaning you configure your operating system with a web interface and then you download the image to install on drive as virtual image or as bootable operating system. This give the possibility to generate several systems quickly while recording the configuration of the system. This also gave the possibility to have handy backup of the system.
  4. There is an app store with the operating system generator web interface. This means you choose the system web, professional, client applications and the operating system is a turn key image with the installed applications.

Today is looking to set the project on internet with the source code. It requires packages files hosting, web application hosting and computation power for the generator. If you are interested by the system you can contact me at or on social networks at


Schizophrenia sociology

OA Paintings, Aganippe, Sodibor camp sociology

OA Paintings, Aganippe, Sodibor camp sociology

Today, we will examine one of the research subjects of project. The research subject deals about mental illness sociology, known as schizophrenia. The research subject is labelled as “Sectarian risk and psychiatric risk conjunction”.

First we need to precise what is “schizophrenia”. Schizophrenia is a behavior disorder associated to mind and brain disorder. The subject is very large and we could examine the different patterns of behavior disorder and mind and brain disorder. In some cases the brain or behavior disorder is a prosecution of a behavior that is condemned by religious or sectarian norms instead of being a criminal behavior condemned by laws.

When we talks about schizophrenia sociology we examine the external roots of behavior disorder or brain disorder. First we notice that a brain disorder might be occured by environment, drugs or disease and which induce deficiency in behavior. We need to say that brain weakness due to environment, drugs or disease is at the origin of behavior disorder.

If we now examine only the effect of environment on schizophrenia, we need to settle the drugs or disease roots by reaching no alcohol, no drugs, and sport practicing behavior. At this point we enter the domains of orgy sociology and as far as we know the substitute found in Asia to orgy is meditation. Meditation is mind training and relaxing method which involve daily routine of empowerment of welfare by the mean of gym, relaxation and philosophy. Yoga, meditation come from the early age of shamanism in Asia. Thus practicing meditation and asceticism will let you enter in the field of orgy sociology which is a necessary step to understand the environmental roots of schizophrenia. Orgy sociology is a meeting point of several fields of criminality including the sectarians risk. Alcohol or drugs cooptation mechanisms are one of attractive objects of the orgy.

Thus fighting schizophrenia disorder with meditation and asceticism will separate the environmental roots drugs and brain disease from the other environmental roots. At this point we need to precise an element of Chinese medicine known as Chi, the mind and body energy. Chi energy could be felt by sport exercise or meditation and is known to come from a blood vector. One of meditation target is the accumulation of Chi energy in the brain. Being aware of chi energy is an important step of meditation and is the beginning of a new environment awareness and especially orgy. This is also an important step to understand the United States Hollywood movie sociology in which nightmare and fictions take an important place.

Legends from Asia about meditation often talk about Chi energy thief attacks to the boddhisatva people. In Occidental countries we now miracles from healer, that correspond to body energy displacement. The move of chi energy in space is a miracle recorded in China several years ago by ascetic Daoists. This is why we can add another environmental root of schizophrenia to drugs and brain disease which is chi energy loss.

Having discovered a third environmental root of schizophrenia disorder that rely on chinese medicine concepts, let us do extrapolation on the technology, the author of chi energy loss causing schizophrenia. At this point we enter criminology, criminology of labor, criminology of sects and we can settle that there is a conjunction of sectarian risk and psychiatric risk.

Concerning our personal position, we send a testimonial to international criminal court and to Rouen and Nanterre High court and we try to reach french social sciences researchers as this a social sciences Phd research thesis subject.

We will develop in another post later, the sociology of schizophrenia in conjunction with military risks.

My contact:, french press analytics past years work was on french press analytics. The archiving and indexation of main Internet press portals gave an archive of around 4 Millions press articles. There are analytics in the field of politics, economics, technology, finance and military subjects.

In the field of politics, the main analytics describe the government activities and the political landscape of contemporary France. The main governement metrics could be established from the internet press. The study of these metrics show terrorism war  escalation, economical crisis facts and crimes scenes facts. The foreign affairs of french governement are also interested and we can sum up the geopoplitics position of the foreign policies department with world maps. We also have the political people class human resources management with a visibility on promotion, falls and affairs.

In the field of Military subjects, we have a view on the main international crisis as well as feedback on the in progress military operations. We have also potentials of army and navy from french defence industry. The graph analytics are associated with algorithms that show the trends and that allow detection of early phenomenons, thus detecting birthing crisis and measuring the estimated impact of crisis.

In the field of economics, the metrics of popular economical keywords such as unemployment, syndicates, tax, frauds show the landscape of France economics. The trace of financials flows associated to public or private sectors shows mainly the balance of power as well as corruptions initiatives and poverty level. The commerce deficit analytics are also visible and are associated with brands metrics and marketing campaign technology and funds. To have a comment, the economical crisis is measured in the press with analytics from the overall society.

Concerning the technology of metrics, the graphs come from php svg library such as Google charts and today the graphs are beta releases. The computation power is growing with the amount of data since several years. Today we have around 200gb raw databases. Optimization in the fields of algorithms and technology are foreseen but today the system is miniaturized to the point of efficiency in the field of costs and electricity consumption.

For more information on Decision system you could visit the web site : or the Facebook page

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This graph is a map of countries name keyword hits from last 7 days, last 30 days, … This is a google chart svg graphic.


This screenshot shows the press articles archive.


This graph show the geography metrics of countries name keywords hits in the french press.

This graph is a beta release of the Syrie keyword hits evolution since 2013. political communications activities SAS political communications activities are sleeping today. The homologuation and the financials have not been yet accredited. The communications activities are today filed to international criminal court and Rouen and Nanterre High Court. tried to reach the USA embassy and the Israël embassy as well as the Germany embassy. political communications activities are based on social sciences research activities and on project analytics. Some demo of the political communications are available at, including Video and talks posted on Youtube.
The main issues are on the social sciences research sides the pattern of crimes against humanity and war crimes in french press analytics and from the financials sides, the exploit of schizophrenia at military level.

To contact me for political communications based on french press analytics, you can email me at and my hotline is on instagram :
Regards, Open source engineering company SAS systems engineering activities are based on open source technology. The main business is based on Debian Linux with open source web services integration. Despite today no code have been published yet, hope is to have one day an open source community. Several projects could be able to be published but maintainers are necessary. The problem today for me is to find time and hosting for a Linux distribution based on Debian and Php libraries. As I am alone, and as I cross difficulties, it is not affordable for me to set a professional class open source project on Internet. This is why today the source code is not published, but you can contact me if you are interested in some of the projects.
The main operating system project is a flavour of Debian Live which engineering began on the Debian Lenny release and which today is at the Jessie oldstable release.
The other project is an agile engineering web services php library. It consists in inclusion library in several CMS portals to allow agile and quick design of php web applications. The library is modular and the modules collection is expandable to wrap linux shell code or to design a web application from scratch while beneficiating of the Joomla or WordPress source code community.

To contact me you can just email me at if you have hosting space for packages repository and cloud for demos. The operating system project has a business model and is professional class software. research subjects

The project comes with research activities in the field of social sciences, artificial intelligence and engineering. The research background has not been yet validated by a Phd, neither by homologuation of french scientific centers. We send a testimonial to EHESS concerning several subjects and tried to reach several departments of CNRS and INRIA without answer. We also contacted the Onera aerospace and defence research center without answer.

We mentionned a list of research subjects at, we will named a few of them:

  • How to manage artificial omniscience. Sociological and Physiological observations
  • Operations theater simulations, the case of the vegetal ecosystem. Psychological, sociological and historical observations.
  • Scapegoats in medias, sociological and psychological analysis.
  • Negation propagation in the medias, psychological and sociological mechanisms
  • Today’s main interests are on political sociology, psychiatry sociology, and homeland security.

    You can contact me if you are interested in either some of the research subjects mentionned in research subjects files. Some of the subjects are dangerous, dealing about freedom of press, freedom of speech and political sociology of french society.

    If you have been concerned by one of the subject, being a victim or simply recognizing a possibility of legal claim, you can contact me for class actions at and my hotline is on Instagram at